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  1. Marine

    Monthly updates here!

    April updates: New changes at DCG, major Android updates, Platform progress and more Hi there! There are so many updates we can't wait to share with you! We're thrilled to announce our major updates and changes at DCG :) Important! Don’t forget, if you are a Dash-accepting merchant, anywhere...
  2. E

    New Hardware Wallet x Mobile Wallet for DASH

    Newly released Hardware Wallet ELLIPAL now supports DASH. It works with mobile App which also doubles as hot wallet. Learn more: Review:
  3. MrWilliamChui

    Apps that have intergrated Dash?

    Does anyone know of a list or directory of where one is able to find all the apps that are out there (whether Android or iOS) that have an intergration with Dash as a payment method? I'm needing to know what solutions are out there right now to help newbies, like myself, better understand this...
  4. Dashmaximalist

    power of mobile app - electroneum is killing it , 100,000+ downloads and counting

    electroneum has offered ( fake . ) mobile mining facilities by making sure you earn some coins and you earn more by referring others ... does it sound like getfreedash ? yes it is , thats exactly what they are doing. they are able to fight the fraud by detecting IMEI and android ID etc and...