1. nmarley

    Sentinel v1.3.0 release

    Sentinel v1.3.0 is now released! Please update your MNs per the usual method (cd /path/to/sentinel && git pull). edit: To clarify, all mainnet and testnet should be updated to this version. edit2: Link to Sentinel on GitHub: This release includes...
  2. N


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  4. B

    How to get 40X returns on Treasury awards

    Masternode Owners can get over 40X returns in treasury disbursements with little risk by following the example of the X Prize Foundation (XPF). XPF revolutionized funding of new industries. “Case in point: The Ansari XPRIZE. An initial investment of $2.5 million enabled us to offer a $10...
  5. MrWilliamChui

    What Do MNOs Look For When Voting?

    When what is drawing up a proposal what are the key elements that they need to touch on that will help an MNO make a better decision to cast a vote? Things I can think of are: 1. How much funding does this project need? 2. When do they need this money? Items I don't seem to see emphasis on are...
  6. Dashmaximalist

    As a MNO can i stop private send ?

    i think its a just a matter of when , the authorities start stepping on the shoes of MNOs and shut it down as they could hold MNOs responsible for the privacy function can some one throw some legal light on this ?? also is there a possibility of not supporting private send ?