1. Timumba

    New service cloud mining

    In the rapidly developing segment of the cryptocurrency market, cloud mining occupies a special place. The various mining pools that are gaining popularity are similar in terms and differ only in some details, such as: the size of the withdrawal commission and the method of making a profit...
  2. Dani

    Mine Dash with NO fees? You can do it in ViaBTC

    Hi all! We are here to share a good news that ViaBTC just released our Dash mining pool and we now support 3 payment methods: PPS+, PPLNS and SOLO. Starting from September 27th, 2017 to December 27th, 2017, ViaBTC pool miners of ALL modes can mine Dash with ZERO fees for THREE months.
  3. Dani

    Mining Dash for zero fees? No way!

    ViaBTC has just released our Dash mining pool and we now supports 3 payment methods: PPS+, PPLNS and SOLO. Starting from September 27th, 2017 to December 27th, 2017, ViaBTC pool miners of ALL modes can mine Dash with ZERO fees for THREE months.
  4. J

    WTS IN STOCK Antminer D3 Dash X11 Mining ASIC 15GH/s DASH+ 1200W PSU

    BRAND NEW, IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP !!!!! 10 PIECES AVAILABLE !!! Antminer D3 with APW3++ Hash Rate: 15 GH/s. Power consumption: 1200W. Hashing algorithm: X11. Pick up in Toronto, ON Canada. World wide shipping !!! Contact info: [email protected] 3500 USD per piece
  5. R

    D3 expected ROI for 2018. Still worth it?

    For anyone interested, I have 3 D3's waiting to be paid. Do you think its worth the investment or is it better to put my money somewhere else? My goal is to have a ROI in less than 4 months but with the expected difficulty increase I see it as a far possibility. (I have watch the coinwarz and...
  6. A

    Earning per day with Dash Miner D3

    Hi i want to ask all members of this forum what is average $ percentage per day with Antminer D3 miner is there someone using D3 in september i need average and pics proof as on 20 September 2017 or 21 september 22 september 2017 someone please post link of pics or proof how much we can earn...
  7. C

    WTS Selling November D3 Miner Batch

    Hey guys, I'm selling the D3 miner for 2200 including PSU. We can work with escrow, let me know if anyone is interested. These are straight from bitmain
  8. C

    Can super computers be used to mine Dash?

    Can super computers be used to mine Dash? And if so what would that do to the network? I know ASICs are the new powerful tech out there now but I've always wondered if there are individuals or groups out there with access to loads of money who could be secretly mining Dash on a supercomputer...
  9. Harish Ramkumar

    Dash Mining - What is InstantX?

    InstantX stands for "instantaneous transactions" and is the technology that enables transactions to be fully confirmed in only four seconds. InstantX utilizes the 2nd rate of the Dash network (Masternodes) to generate a "lock" once a deal is produced on the network. The DASH involved in that...
  10. J

    Difficulty correlation to market price

    My buddies and I just bought our first D3 Antminer:) We are all total noobs and have some questions: Does the Dash price correlate to the difficulty? Does this apply to all crypto or x11? I would imagine that the if the price of Dash goes up then so does the difficulty (and we see this...
  11. Aleksandras

    Deidacted or VPS Dash mining

    Hi, I'm a complete noob at mining, so please don't go ballistic at me if I'm asking a stupid question, and do bear in mind that I'm looking for answers here, not comments about the current status quo of cryptocurrency mining. What are the economics of mining dash using a vps (assuming the...
  12. W

    What wallet for ASIC mining?

    Hey gentlemen, I was trying to find info on best practices for mining with ASICs in regards to preferred wallets. I know that technically you can mine to several platforms directly, but I'd be more than happy to learn about your personal experiences. Which wallet do you guys mine to usually...
  13. Renich

    Calculating block reward and mining profit

    Hello, I've read this article regarding the calculation of block reward: I dunno if this still applies since it's 2017. I am using: origin = 2014 current = 2017 years = current - origin reduction = (13.0 /...
  14. M

    Sell 3 Antminer D3 (Dash 15 GHs)

    Hi, I have 3 Antminer D3 bought in Bitmain 2 months ago. If you are interested in this product, please comment your email. I will send you more details and price. Michel
  15. S

    selling bitmain account with 25 antminer D3, ready for payment

    selling bitmain account with 25 antminers waiting for payment, account going to the highest bidder. (preferably for someone in north america). email me at [email protected]
  16. Dragwar

    No "yay!"s after hours?

    HI, i try mining coins out of curious and i mine using PC in my office. Its CPU is intel i5 4590s i use 3 of its 4 cores @100-120 khash/s at suprnova pool and the PC is connected with unstable wifi connection. First day i mine with this PC i got "yay!"s after several lines of hashing speed...
  17. RichardAO

    Pre-proposal (aka an idea): create a DAO to build mining rigs for DASH

    It seems every supplier of new mining rigs that work on X11 are sold out. What if a small group of engineers were formed to build a DASH mining product to keep pace with the growing needs of the network? The company's main goal would be to build ASIC rigs for DASH, but could also sell rigs for...
  18. D

    Restrictions for size of public or private Pools

    Hello All, I have been mining for a while and have tried different pools to benchmark the profits. On this time, I observed recently single wallets that get up to 10% of the mined blocks or also a private company like Avalon Life getting up to 30% of the blocks. That makes me wonder that...
  19. S

    Wallet Address - Dash Pool Mining

    Hey, I've flipped through some searches on this forum but didn't run across the answer to this potentially stupid question. I'm new to Dash mining, and I've configured ccminer (running nvidia gpu), but I'm not sure about the wallet address. Can I direct x11 mining to a bitcoin wallet address...
  20. cibrigue

    X11 info on website is outdated

    The statement about X11 on the website ( is outdated, because there are X11 ASIC miners on the market for more than a year, as far as I know. I think the "ASICs will be much more difficult to make for these algorithms and should take years." sentence is misleading, and...
  21. Regard

    Anyone Mining with baikal 900 ? Im having issues

    Hi there. Just a bit of background. I have 4 x 150 baikal miners. mining on suprnova. they do about 0.13-0.15 per day. in DASH then I added a baikal 900 its been a few days but the pyout is still more or less the same. Plus the dashboard on suprnova says Im only doing about 12 Mh/s Does...
  22. I

    WTS iBeLink DM384M Dash and X11 Miner | 384 MH/s hash rate, 600 Watts

    Hey guys, I want to sell my Dash Miner which was running flawlessly since April. Given the recenct price appreciation I sold my mined DASH and are happy to let someone else use it. The usage of the Miner is pretty straight forward. It only has a power switch and an Ethernet Port which...
  23. K


    I'm a newbie , I have no idea what the masternode term is , can any one explain me about dash and master node .please Thank you in advance
  24. K

    Bikal miner X11 durability .

    Hi everyone . I am new to mining . While seeing about asic miners for crypto currency other than btc , I came across bikal miner . It's specs are really good at the current difficulty rate . Only one thing I'm unsure is about how long can it work , bikal company giving only 1 month warranty ...
  25. theghost1980

    Wallet + p2p pool

    hello there I would like to know the following: Do I need to leave my wallet open while mining on a p2pool? I think the answer is no because I'm using the baikal mini miner which is connected by ethernet port to the p2p node pool. So I guess no need to leave open 24/7 the qt wallet on my PC...