1. an2_plane

    Легализация майнинга в России/Legalization of mining in Russia

    В Министерстве энергетики РФ заявили о необходимости легализовать майнинг в кратчайшие сроки Согласно изданию ТАСС, заместитель министра энергетики России Евгений Грабчак объявил о необходимости устранения правового вакуума в майнинге криптовалют. Он отметил, что определять площадки под майнинг...
  2. J

    Seeking advice: Is circulating supply divided by maximum supply an indicator of price potential for microcap coins?

    So I am looking at two coins both with a market cap of between 5 & 10 million. They are both deflationary in that they have a maximum supply. However one has 3% of its max supply of coins in circulation and another has 99% of its coins in circulation. I would imagine in the long term that the...
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash's 7%ening Makes It A Bit More Scarce

    Dash recently reduced its block reward by 7 percent, meaning that miners who discover new blocks and masternodes who provide network services receive fewer coins from new blocks. What does this mean, and how/why does Dash differ from Bitcoin. Find out in this episode of CATV. Thanks for watching!
  4. J

    New dash miners for sale stu u6 1980w at 440 g/h

    I have 2 brand new dash miners now with the reduced power but still high miner output of 440g/h Brand new under warranty. Open to sensible offers nearest the 1200 GBP paid each. Txt or whatsapp 07743 950442 In the uk and customs tax been paid.
  5. J

    PC specs requirement for mining ?

    Hello buddies, What is the minimum pc requirement for mining cryptos? I mean I would like to know what pc specifications are recommended to get started, will an i7 processor with gtx 1080 graphic card with 8 gb ram will be enough to start mining crytos? Please share your views. Cheers all
  6. O

    Beware! STU-U6 ASIC miners from StrongU

    I preordered a few months ago some STU-U6 ASIC miners from StrongU. The manufacturer advertised specs at the time I ordered was 660 GH/s, with a power consumption of 1,300 Watts. Now they say that the machines they will deliver produces only 440 GH/s with a consumption of 2,200 Watts. With...
  7. thedesertlynx

    Bitcoin Mining is Ancient Tech Says Cornell Professor Emin Gün Sirer

    Bitcoin Mining is Ancient Tech Says Cornell Professor Emin Gün Sirer Cornell University professor Emin Gün Sirer believes that Bitcoin mining as a security model is “ancient and badly parameterized” after a flash crash of the network’s hashrate several days ago, giving doubt to the...
  8. D

    Setting up a node that mine only with 1 thread

    Hello, I'm considering setting up a Dash node to use as a local server. The idea is to write software that connects to the local node to relay the transactions and to query for the new blocks data. Since the server will be sleeping almost all the time, I would like to know if it's possible to...
  9. D

    Dash Mining No Longer Profitable - 51% Attack?

    Hi there, With the price of cryptos and Dash dropping, dash mining is no longer profitable. What will happen to the security of the Dash's network? Will the Dash's master nodes be sufficient without the miners? Can someone perform 51% attack on the Dash network?
  10. U

    Who has already tried mining on

    Looking for a reliable pool for Ethereum mining? Consider - a relatively new but profitable service - it has already paid $455,642 to miners in the last few months. The pool fee is only 1% and the ucle rate is low. The pool pays money every 2 hours, you can rent physical...
  11. M

    Crypto platform Stepium

    Stepium is a convenient and effective way to earn crypto currencies. Thanks to the project, you will not have to look for long sources of training information, the basics of cloud mining, the ability to diversify your cryptocurrency capital and conduct trades in the most convenient conditions...
  12. L

    WTB Masternode Fund

    hi everyone, we are going to Start new Masternode Fund, and You can use DAICO method: DAICO is an ICO that combines two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO. While Secured ICO mitigates investment risk, Ensured ICO increases its margins further. read:
  13. L

    Cryptonex cloud mining

    Cryptonex has launched cloud mining. I decided to give it a try. Here are the conditions: - To start mining you only need access to the Internet. - The profit is 11% annually, excluding the rate growth. - The speed of reward is the same as with the largest wallet in the network. Together with...
  14. Minerboard

    Pre-proposal: DASH in Minerboard. Make DASH mining great again

    Hello! Minerboard team here. We would like to make a pre-proposal of a complete DASH integration into an innovative mining dashboard. What is Minerboard? Minerboard is a free-of-charge multifunctional standardized toolkit that provides access to all data concerning the state and performance of...
  15. AnaEcoin

    Quick Read for Dash Mining

    Here is an article covering the basics of DASH mining, you may want to read and save this:
  16. S

    SimplyPool - ERP пул для монет ETH, XMR, KRB

    SimplyPool - это ERP майнинг-пул с удобным интерфейсом и стабильной работой. Особенности работы пула: Регистрация не обязательна, но для зарегистрированных пользователей. Интуитивно понятный и простой интерфейс. Оплаты майнерам за каждую вычисленную шару (PPS). Комиссия за транзакции...
  17. C

    XMINER 1.0 - Free, Powerful Antminer Monitor & Controller

    Hello Community, We are pleased to share our new product XMINER 1.0 a Free, Powerful Antminer Controller for Managing, Monitoring and Auto-Optimizing your Miners. Some of it's cool features are below : Intuitive to use Web-Interface as replacement of the Miner-Web-GUIAny Miner farm size over...
  18. baldwin jackson

    Does Cloud Hosting Help In Minning

    Hello folks I am newbie in cryptocurrencies with some basic knowledge about how block chain technology works and few trading sites. I bought couple of different hosting like shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting to host different level website. I was wondering that if I pick best cloud hosting...
  19. I


    Virtus coin (Project VirtusPay) Virtus is a new next generation coin built from Dash. Virtus (means valor, masculinity, perfection, character and dignity, perceived as male strengths) uses Tribus algorithm for proof of work. Just like Dash it does not rely on any sort...
  20. I

    [ANN] Aegeus – True Transaction Privacy Meets Secure Data Management

    Aegeus – True Transaction Privacy Meets Secure Data Management WEBSITE | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | GITHUB | EXPLORER WE ARE LISTED ON CRYPTOBRIDGE EXCHANGE Aegeus is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy, decentralization, data storage, distribution and security.Aegeus...
  21. A

    Sigominers mining hardware|Gpu mining| Altcoins|

    Mine cryptocurrency to earn maximum better than Asic. It gives more ROI than any other asic mining hardware GPU that makes them suitable and better for cryptocurrency mining, as the mining process higher efficiency in performing lot of repetitive computations sigominers mining hardware to mine...
  22. H

    Antispy tool for Windows 10

    Означает, что вы полностью контролируете, какой комфорт функционирует под Windows 10, который вы хотите использовать, и вы решаете, когда передача ваших данных заходит слишком далеко. Используя очень простой интерфейс, вы решаете, как Windows 10 должна уважать вашу конфиденциальность, решив...
  23. Crypto Shop

    WTB Trusted Seller: NEW Bitmain Antminers with APW3

    FREE SHIPPING 30 DAYS RETURNS Money Back Guarantee VAILABLE HOT PRODUCT - BITMAIN ANTIMINER Bitmain Antiminer S9 Bitmain Antiminer D3 Bitmain Antiminer L3 GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Cards MSI RX 570 4GB Gaming X Mining Bitcoin Ethereum GPU email…. [email protected] website…………...
  24. Evgenij Beloded

    Do masternodes add security to Dash network?

    Hey friends, I am curious if the masternode network provides an extra blanket of security to the currency. From what I understand, on top of service features, masternodes are full nodes and have the power to reject improperly formed blocks. Does it mean that the masternode network adds a layer...
  25. C

    Crypto Gui Miner - Official Thread And Support

    This is the official thread for support and development of CryptoGuiMiner! Please any suggest, criticize and praise. I see that there are a lot of questions and different answers on forums on the subject of mining cryptocurrencies. So now… which cryptocurrency should you be mining and how? For...
  26. bhkien

    Good mining algorithm can grow community

    As I watched many coins, the coins which has anti-asic can bring more people to the ecosystem than a coin without anti-asic. If a coin can only be mined by cpu, then more people can mine and normal people have more chance to get the coin, then the support community growing steadily. We can...
  27. B

    Cloud Mining |

    For How long will my mining contract last? All of our mining contracts are for lifetime. There is no expiration of hashpower. How do I start mining? Mining Bitcoin is easy with Elderhash, all you need to do is register and deposit, we do the rest for you. It's really that simple! How does...
  28. H

    You can make it happen start Earning 1BTC IN BITCOIN MINING and make instant withdrawal daily

    Register with our trading company today and stand a chance to be traded for by a professional account manager. i manage account with the profitable system that is 99% accurate and helps me win always for investors possible earning in 1 week. With a minimum investment of $250 $250 gives $2500...
  29. MohamedEzzat

    Warning:Charlie lee with Innosilicon cheated Miners

    Hello all Dash Community, Carlie Lee always recommend the innosilicon products.Since 7 months Charlie Lee tweeted that the A5 Dashmaster is the most powerful Dash miner and published his visitation images to innosilicon company. I preordered 2X A5 Dashmaster with 20K USD and me like all the...
  30. Alexey Danilin

    Mining using HDD

    Hello! can mining will be on HDD? I have internal around a 300Gb free space and 1,2Tb free space external HDD.
  31. A

    [ANN][ICO] Coinfer - Mining diversity for everyone!

    Mining diversity for everyone Coinfer - is a project aimed on cryptomining farms construction. We plan to build a large industrial platform, the capacity of which will reach up to 2,000 farms. Further, the number of calculated capacity will be increased continuously. The capacities will be...
  32. A

    Coinfer - mining diversity for everyone

    Coinfer - is the first company today that offers to become co-owners of mining equipment, in turn, others offer their equipment for rent. The cryptomining market is growing rapidly as well as the capacities of the industrial mining farms. Those investors who have invested money in mining in...
  33. ORCA


    Sveiki! __________________________ Šiame thread'e galime dalintis įžvalgomis apie DASH miningą, vesti diskusijas ir užduoti klausimus. Atsakyti į klausimus taip pat :D Sėkmės! Adomas @ ORCA
  34. N

    Perfekt Mininghalle in der Schweiz gefunden. Suche Partner für Miete

    Hallo, Habe die Möglichkeit eine Werkstatt unweit von Zürich zu mieten, die sich perfekt für das Mining eignet. Die Sache ist zwar etwas kurzfristig aber dennoch einen Gedanken Wert. 130m2 Fläche in einem Industriegebiet. Die jetzigen Leitungen erlauben das Anschliessen von 36000W zur gleichen...
  35. E

    My brand new Innosilicon A5 Dominator

    Pre-ordered at a cost of $ 9,999.00 in September 2017. Looked like a good idea. Hashing at 32GH/s with a power consumption of 800W. Miner arrived last week. A little unit the size of a small shoe box, weighing in at 3Kg. I got it set it up right away, instructions were easy to follow, and...
  36. R

    Mining DASH on Mac

    Is it even possible to mine DASH on Mac? I have a mac mini here.
  37. S

    WTS 2 new Antminer D3 19.3G for sale

    Hi All, I’m selling 2 new Antminer D3 19.3G X11 miners with power supply for $1000/ea. Let me know if you are interested.
  38. xoibsurferx

    Will mining Dash become profitable again?

    Hello everyone, I'm receiving my antminer D3 tomorrow and from what I've read a lot of people are in the same boat as I am. I purchased it a few months ago when it was extremely profitable - I knew it would drop but not down to nothing like it is now. I realize the difficulty being as high...
  39. DashQ8

    Internet bandwith usage

    Hi! New to the forum and back on mining after a few years dedicated to other ventures My question is, how much internet bandwith do I need for mining dash? Using the D3 in a pool. It's a 5 Mbps plan enough for 50 machines? I looked for any tip about this during hours on this forum with no...
  40. T

    I can't see my worker in stats

    Does this means I'm not mining?