mining pool

  1. C - Dash Mining

    Hi Dash Community, offers Dash mining using the PROP payment method and a 1% fee for each block found. Auto payouts every hour for a minimum balance of 0.1 No registration required and fast/friendly support. Worker name support. Web & Stratum DOS Protection. Stats auto update...
  2. U

    Who has already tried mining on

    Looking for a reliable pool for Ethereum mining? Consider - a relatively new but profitable service - it has already paid $455,642 to miners in the last few months. The pool fee is only 1% and the ucle rate is low. The pool pays money every 2 hours, you can rent physical...
  3. ChainTerra

    P2Pool Hyper Efficient Pool? Let's Test It Out!

    This DASH P2Pool node incorporates our New Mining Algorithm and is currently more efficient than any other public node. Connect one of your miners as a test and you will notice much higher returns from this node. Please share your results on this thread so other DASH miners can hear about this...
  4. CoinVersus

    CoinVersus Dash Mining Pool(p2pool)

    Hello Everyone! CoinVersus Mining Pool just reached 1TH Power! Thank You for mining with us! Feel free to invite your friends to join our friendly community! Dash Mining Pool Lets mine Dash together Fee: 0.5% DDOS protected Mining Pool Servers Located in EU...
  5. B

    We needs miners on our mining pool

    We offer a 1.5% rewards of the 3% fee every month to one person who have mine over 100mh/s through the entire month. You can go to our website :
  6. Coin Foundry

    COINFOUNDRY.ORG - Mining Pool

    I'd like to introduce our DASH-Pool at What differentiates us from most other pools, is our quickly responding an friendly support, our active community and perhaps a fresh and less generic approach to UX. We hope that our near flawless reliability track record...