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    Where could I sell a high tier bitcoin mining farm?

    I'm trying to find a place where I could potentially sell a bitcoin mining farm that is quite expensive. Ebay and craigslists do not seem like the right fit. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look?
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    XMINER 1.0 - Free, Powerful Antminer Monitor & Controller

    Hello Community, We are pleased to share our new product XMINER 1.0 a Free, Powerful Antminer Controller for Managing, Monitoring and Auto-Optimizing your Miners. Some of it's cool features are below : Intuitive to use Web-Interface as replacement of the Miner-Web-GUIAny Miner farm size over...
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    [ANN][ICO] Coinfer - Mining diversity for everyone!

    Mining diversity for everyone Coinfer - is a project aimed on cryptomining farms construction. We plan to build a large industrial platform, the capacity of which will reach up to 2,000 farms. Further, the number of calculated capacity will be increased continuously. The capacities will be...
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    Coinfer - mining diversity for everyone

    Coinfer - is the first company today that offers to become co-owners of mining equipment, in turn, others offer their equipment for rent. The cryptomining market is growing rapidly as well as the capacities of the industrial mining farms. Those investors who have invested money in mining in...