1. X

    [BaikalEurope.eu]Safe place to buy Baikal miner in Europe | Gaint X,B,N

    Hi guys, I would like to introduce you Baikal Europe shop. Few weeks ago I thought - There is no safe place to buy Baikal miners in Europe. Only some scam sites and individuals selling miners with ridiculous price. So thats reason why BaikalEurope.eu was created. Our goals is to create safe and...
  2. C

    Crypto Gui Miner - Official Thread And Support

    This is the official thread for support and development of CryptoGuiMiner! Please any suggest, criticize and praise. I see that there are a lot of questions and different answers on forums on the subject of mining cryptocurrencies. So now… which cryptocurrency should you be mining and how? For...
  3. M

    How to sync wallet with block 0

    hello I Create new Genesis Block, new network based on dash "fork". make all good ! i run getgenerate true 4 dont mine !! how to make that with "blocks": 0, thank a lot
  4. bhkien

    Good mining algorithm can grow community

    As I watched many coins, the coins which has anti-asic can bring more people to the ecosystem than a coin without anti-asic. If a coin can only be mined by cpu, then more people can mine and normal people have more chance to get the coin, then the support community growing steadily. We can...
  5. coydsltd

    WTS Bitmain Antminer S9, L3+ D3 and PSU in stock - $1550

    We Have ORIGINAL Bitmain Antminer Available in stock (WHOLESALE AND RETAILS) PRICE Antminer S5 Antminer S7 Antminer S9 Avalon 6 Antminer D3 Antminer L3 For quick response please contact us through any of the means below :: and also on how to place order and know more about the price , shipping...
  6. E

    WTS For Sale : Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster / 32 GH/s

    £ 7,000.- Only 7 days old condition as new, still got the box. Price includes shipping to UK or EU. Can deliver tomorrow. Any takers ?
  7. C

    WTS New Innosilicon A5 DashMaster ASIC X11 Dash Crypto Miner w/PSU (32.5Gh/s @ 750W)

    Price reduced! I have two (2) Innosilicon A5 DashMaster X11 ASIC Crypto Miners with factory Power Supply Units (PSUs) and Heavy-Duty Power Cords in hand! Please note! This is NOT an offer to purchase a pre-order for an A5 from the Innosilicon factory! Who wants to pay to wait? I'm selling...
  8. C

    WTS 150 x D3 and 200 x L3 for sale in batches!

    PM me for more details, photos etc. D3s 19.3 GH/s 1200W are brand new and packed. Come with PSUs. Batch L3+ are 4-6 weeks old. Installed and running in a data center in Iceland. Also with PSUs. Contract with the data center to be taken over. Cost ca 62 EUR per 1 kW per month, remote access...
  9. X

    WTS Selling Innosilicon A5 DashMaster

    I worked with Innosilicon on A5 and I will recieve my A5 DashMaster on Monday. They sent me A5 completely for free... I have high electricity costs. So thats reason why im selling this unit. Price: 6300USD Payment: PayPal / Escrow / Something save Country: Czech Republic...
  10. C

    WTS 100 x D3 Antminers October Batch - good price

    I have 100 unused D3 Bitmain antminers for sale - too many secured orders actually went through. October batch. 100 units - preferably to sell to 1 or 2 buyers. Good price, from what I've seen on the forum, lower than most asked. Can come with PSUs at an additional fee (APW3++)...
  11. T

    WTS Dash Miners for Sale (November 20 Batch)

    Hey guys, I have an order of Dash miners for sale and am willing to sell a few. They are the second November batch. Price is $3,000 and I am willing to sign a binding contract and use an escrow service if needed to help de-risk the transaction for both parties. Also, if you are near...
  12. R

    WTS Litecoin Miners Available for Pick UP Chicago area

    Hello All, I have litecoin/scrypt miners available for pick up within Chicago area anytime. Please visit the following URLs for my craigslist ads for more details. ANTMINER L3+ 504MH/S INNOSILICON A4 DOMINATOR Both miners are slightly used; like brand new with original packaging. Send me a...
  13. hugep3n15

    WTS 2 x Antminer D3 - November Batch

    Order for 2 Antminer D3 for November available for sale. Price - 1.00 BTC for both miners. Only accept Bitcoin or ETH/ETC worth as payment. Contact me here, on PM or provide your details if you're interested to discuss this.
  14. C

    WTS Selling November D3 Miner Batch

    Hey guys, I'm selling the D3 miner for 2200 including PSU. We can work with escrow, let me know if anyone is interested. These are straight from bitmain
  15. M

    WTS Bitmain Antminer D3 - November Batch 16-24. Nov

    Hello, I have Bitmain Antminer D3 - November Batch 16-24. Nov. for sale. Price 3.000 EUR, free worldwide shipping asap when received. Payment BTC/Bank Wire Paid and confirmed on bitmain. Send me PM or email: [email protected]
  16. J

    WTS Antminer D3 For Sale

    Hello Dash Community. I have 5 orders with a total of 109 units from Bitmain and would like to sell my account. Orders are broken as follows: 1. 50 Units 2. 50 Units 3. 5 Units 4. 3 Units 5. 1 Unit List price is $3,300 per unit for orders 3, 4 & 5. And $3,000 for orders 1 & 2. Contact...
  17. C

    WTS [SCAM] [ALL / Moscow] ASIC Miners, FPGA miners | L3 +, ANTMINER S9, iBelink (PRE-SALE)

  18. B

    Question is New Hardware Cube

    Hi Everybody I have heard in May there will be a hardware Minner Cube DAS digging sold. So tell me about it? thanks everyone
  19. JasonHan

    WTS Baikal A900 X11 Dash Miner for sale (Canada)

    If anyone is interested let me know I have 2 in stock. Price is $3500 at the moment due to a shortage in the market.
  20. JasonHan

    Baikal Giant A900 Dash Miner available for sale.

    If anyone is interested let me know! Thanks.
  21. I

    WTS iBeLink DM384M Dash and X11 Miner | 384 MH/s hash rate, 600 Watts

    Hey guys, I want to sell my Dash Miner which was running flawlessly since April. Given the recenct price appreciation I sold my mined DASH and are happy to let someone else use it. The usage of the Miner is pretty straight forward. It only has a power switch and an Ethernet Port which...
  22. Salkenex

    WTS Baikal X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w

    I'm selling a Baikal Mini X11 Crypto-Currency ASIC Miner 150MH 40w. 50 Dash includes shipping. Will happily use escrow. Or $550 via PayPal.