1. SpectroCoin

    SpectroCoin Merchant Solution

    Why Should You Accept Bitcoin Payments in Your Business? As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining ground, more and more businesses worldwide are starting to recognize the benefits of accepting them as means of payment. At SpectroCoin we offer payment processing services that help...
  2. J

    best processor for merchants?

    When considering merchant payment processing, which software is the best for easy adoption and could the regular old dash wallet be used just as well?
  3. D

    How to accept dash and convert to fiat

    Hi, I have a small accommodation business that accepts booking payments online. Where can i find out how to accept dash via my booking engine and covert mostly to fiat? My business is in its second year so I can't expose to volatility at this point. Thanks in advance, Evan
  4. mL7i

    WTS Physical Dash Coins

    Three Beautiful Variations. + Gold Plated + Silver Plated + Silver Plated with official DASH Blue colored logo[AT] or search "physical dash coin" on ebay. Accept: DASH, BTC, Etherem, Litecoin, Paypal & CC.
  5. Patrick W. McMahon

    WTT McMahon LLC now accepts Dash

    McMahon LLC is a cutting edge technology consulting firm based out of Albany. We specialize in Web development, ERP system implementation & consultation, business process workflow automation, big data, and custom software development. Contact us today for a complimentary evaluation...
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    Tek Tok | A Thought On Merchant Adoption

    Tek Tok | A Thought On Merchant Adoption by toknormal via Dash Nation: #DashNation #IoM
  7. amanda_b_johnson

    Fort Galt Now Accepts Dash for Real Estate

    Hi, all. In response to the always-standing offer on DASH: Detailed to give a free shout-out to any business that starts accepting Dash (or offers a discount for it), the large Chilean retreat community Fort Galt has joined the list of Dash-accepting merchants. Kewl!