1. Z

    Meetup in Iran

    Tuesday, 16th of July 2019 was a different day for Dash Iran team because of having the first Dash meetup in Iran. The meetup announcement was done a few days before on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, website and also discord, and of course it was open to for everyone. About 15...
  2. ahimbisibwebrian

    Dash meetup

    We shall be holding our first DASH meet up at Gatuna Burera district at Virunga lodge hotelDash coin ,Your money, your way. Move Dash in a second for less than a cent.Any amount, any time, anywhere. Get paid, shop, pay bills. Dash gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Grab...
  3. Smile-Expo

    Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm 11 september

    On September 11, Sweden will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm organized by Smile-Expo – international coordinator of business events. The conference will introduce various topics regarding blockchain and will drive attention to the most topical problems of the cryptocurrency...
  4. Joney Castellanos

    Dash Maracaibo does not stop and remains committed

    "Building SocieDash" is an event that excites us because it is focused on a complex and humorous message, we show our guests how to buy Dash with bolivars, why use Dash and not Fiat, what are the advantages offered by Dash as a payment platform and we make you live our experience of...
  5. JZA

    Conferencia llamada de DASH Latam

    Creo que es importante que se empiece a organizar un equipo multinacional de DASH a nivel latinoamerica, por lo siguiente creo que es buen ver si podemos tener una llamada abierta para revisar los tópicos referentes a la viabilidad así como poder generar una DAO que pueda moderar las propuestas...
  6. X

    Dash PowerPoint template

    Hello , I will be presenting a short introduction to dash to a meet up group in Costa Rica. I was looking for a Dash themed PowerPoint Presentation (PPT File) to use for my slide deck. Does anyone know if there is a file available for the community that can be used to build presentations with...
  7. mastermined

    First Dash Serbia Presentation Draws Record Numbers, Interest

    The first dedicated Dash presentation in Serbia drew an unanticipated crowd and interest. Last cycle, a proposal was passed to bring Dash to the Serbian IT community through a series of meetups in the tech sector. The first meetup, according to organizer Nebojsa Jovic, had a higher turnout than...
  8. DimitarCV

    Dash MeetUp in Caracas-Venezuela

    Hi! We are going to make a Dash MeetUp in Caracas-Venezuela. In this Dash Meetup (wildcard) we are goning to invite some friends to introduce them into Dash world (technology, concepts, mobile wallet, transactions, etc.), in order to bring to them the opportunities of this cryptocurrencie in...
  9. Jahlexis Tafari Lugo


    Hi. Pointing to a Dash release, in my city Caracas, I started with a basic meetup, where I invited some of my colleagues to meet the revolutionary world of Dash. With these meetings, I want introduce Dash to my colleagues, the technology, handling and versatility to carry out its transactions...
  10. mastermined

    Dash Force June-July Meetup Contest Winners

    Main Meetup Winner: Wikiwako from Monterrey, Mexico wins 2.2 Dash! Blockchain Meetup Saturday July 1, 2017 “There were 41 present at the meet up including me and a few helping hands (helpers were students also interested in Dash + the wife). I was surprised at the enthusiasm of the people...
  11. mastermined

    Dash Force Launches New Merchant Adoption Focused Meetup Program

    I have decided to rework the meetup contest this month to focus on merchant adoption. The original contest will remain in place but I’m going to add two more main options. The first one is a basic once or twice a month meetup starter option, the second one is a more advanced meetup which will...
  12. mastermined

    Dash Force Announces Upcoming

    We at the Dash Force are pleased to announce an upcoming project: With all the reshuffling going on in the cryptocurrency world and Dash’s business adoption reaching critical mass, we felt it was the right time to work on a new website that will serve as a one-stop shop for...
  13. mastermined


    The winner of the April-May Dash Force Meetup Contest is…. GDASHMoney from the S.F. Northbay California Meetup Read more:
  14. mastermined

    Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Contest Update

    Dash Force Meetup and Presentation Contest Update Dash Force would like to announce that we have recently started budgeting for weekly Meetups and Presentations. At this time we will be offering up to 10 total Dash for high quality weekly meetups and presentations. This contest is International...
  15. Pete - DashCrypto

    Dash Open House March 30 at SkySong w/ Ryan Taylor, Evan Duffield & Amanda B. Johnson. All invited!

    UPDATE: The event location was changed to a larger room to accommodate more guests. The new details are included on the graphic below and can be found at Outreach is being done via the ASU inter-campus events calendar, to a few dozen ASU student...
  16. mastermined

    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    The network has decided to defund this program effective January 1st 2020. Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Program: These programs are meant to incentivize worldwide Dash meetups and presentations all in one place. This will help to avoid overwhelming the Dash budget proposal system and...
  17. webeonic

    Первый DASH-митап в Астане (Казахстан)

    Всем доброго дня! Извиняюсь, что так поздно выкладываю отчет, был очень занят делами. 5 ноября этого года мы провели наш первый митап в г.Астане. Народу было не много, менее половины от общего числа желающих посетить мероприятие. У каждого на то были свои причины. Тем не менее уже со многими...
  18. JZA

    Bitcuners Meetup Proposal

    Bitcuners is a group of crypto enthusiast that have succesfully meet up for about 2 years bringing together people that want to share or get information about criptocurrencies and blockchain. Bitcuners have been distributing knowledge at a local and national level by participating in...
  19. aleix

    Next Barcelona Bitcoin Meetup -> Blockchain backed governance systems

    Next Barcelona Bitcoin Meetup -> Blockchain backed governance systems (DAOs et al.) With @fernando talking about the governace in DASH (thanks for joining us buddy!) Hi sou tots molt benvinguts