1. cryptosi

    Smart Reach Partnership Proposal - Pre proposal

    This proposal is for Dash to enter into paid partnership with Smart Reach. This partnership will grant Dash the following: 1 x Monthly State of the project podcast/AMA/ interview 1 x Governance Conference Call per month 5 x adverts within Smart reach releases per month 1 x ITK episode with Tom...
  2. LukeWeAreChange


    Pre - Proposal PHASE 1 As one of the biggest independent media organizations out there, we decided to start slowly with the DASH community to prove ourselves, and thankfully we received our 50 DASH for one month after we put in a proposal. We are happy that less than two weeks into our DASH...
  3. JZA

    Segundo episodio del programa de DASH Podcast en Español

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  4. stellabelle

    Venture Beat Magazine Mentions My Dash DAO article!

    Today I was checking my Medium referrers and was shocked to find out that a big portion of the referrers were coming from Venture Beat Magazine! An entrepreneur named Jeremy Epstein had found my article titled, How To Get Funding From A Decentralized Autonomous Organization in Hackernoon and he...
  5. JZA

    Nuevo episodio de Bitcoin y Criptos

    Nuevo episodio de podcast de Bitcoin y Cripto, hablando especial de DASH
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    Thank You Tungfa

    I don't know how you screwed it up, but thanks for the time you spent organizing the media section. It's great that we have articles, podcasts and videos separated for ease of searching. Thank you for implementing that idea. Tao.