1. V

    multiple masternode trezor

    Hi guys I've got multiple masternodes can i use 1 trezor to start them all and store all private keys or do i need 1 Trezor per masternode?
  2. Dashmaximalist

    Decrease the master node limit from 1000 dash to 200 dash

    With current price at 70 USD getting a dash master node is incredibly expensive i think we should drop the limit from 1000 dash to say 200 There are multiple benefits the no of master nodes will explode More people will be incentivized to get into dash instead of just the big whales More...
  3. Kevin Stalker

    Funded Budget Holders

    When a company grows above a certain size it gets to a point where every cost spend can’t be put before the board anymore. They haven’t got time to think it all through in the required detail. They create cost centres, with monthly budgets. The budget goes up and down a bit from time to time...
  4. cibrigue

    Masternode shares and voting rights

    I've first heard about masternode shares in an interview with Evan Duffield on Dash:Detailed. My impression was that what Evan said is the planned behavior, it's still in the workings so things might have changed already since last November when the interview was. So, if I understand it...
  5. darkness

    Inactive After IP Change

    Hi all, I recently changed my masternode ip address, and now for some reason my node always shows inactive on I'm starting the node fine with the correct ip and the port shows as open. The debug.log also shows that it is receiving and processing masternode transactions...
  6. JerryBanfield

    Proposal: Facebook Ads for Dash Tutorials

    Would you help me advertise Dash to 500,000+ people on Facebook by voting yes on this proposal listed at gobject vote-many 3dddeef76e5053e7ab57703f62aeacfc771ef843ecfe4f7439e8f84ae49b367c funding yes When you fund this, I will spend 34 Dash on...
  7. C

    Can't detect valid external address - unable to start MN

    Dear Community, I've come here to find help with our masternode. Ever since the release of 0.12 we're unable to start our masternode. We've done a complete reinstall and used the previous dash.conf file. However we are unable start the MN. The error we're getting is: Not capable masternode...
  8. K


    I'm a newbie , I have no idea what the masternode term is , can any one explain me about dash and master node .please Thank you in advance
  9. drakee

    sentinel doesn't think my MN is synched

    Hello fellow masternoders! I updated my masternodes to 12.1 and am following the instructions on: However, when I run: venv/bin/python bin/ I always get the message: dashd not synced...
  10. 1

    Can I fund my collateral from a multi-signature address?

    As the value of 1000 DASH rises I'm getting nervous about my setup. Can I create a multi-signature wallet with dash-electrum and send one transaction of 1000 DASH as a collateral? I understand that I'm supposed to generate the funding address with "getaccountaddress 0" in the dash-qt client...
  11. JerryBanfield

    Pre-Proposal: Invest in a Masternode 1+ Hour Video Tutorial

    Thank you for reading my pre-proposal idea! What do you think of me asking for 39 Dash in exchange for creating a 1 to 2 hour comprehensive free video tutorial for YouTube and Facebook explaining to ANY investor why a masternode is a great investment AND showing exactly how to get started in 10...
  12. agulab

    Masternode on Odroid C2

    Hello, this is my first post but I've been a masternode operator for almost two years now. I had it running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B which I set up following the guide for that model. The thing is now MNs need more RAM and storage space to run and so I bought an Odroid C2 with 2GB RAM and a...
  13. P

    What is Sentinel? (Masternodes)

    In the upgrade to 12.1 masternode admins have had to add sentinel to their servers. Could someone tell me, in layman's terms, what sentinel is and what it does? Thanks, Scott
  14. K

    0.12.1 update: Error when trying to start Sentinel

    Hi, I updated my MN to version 0.12.1. Following this guide: My dashd is running and fully synced. But when I try to run Sentinel, I get this error message: -342: non-JSON HTTP response with '401 Unauthorized' from...
  15. E

    Hardening masternode server

    Hello, I'm really new to this, but I managed to set up my masternode on a VPS and it's running flawlessly (with the help of Tao's guide). I have enabled the firewall mentioned in the guide, but nothing else. I'm a bit worried about security. I have found multiple websites telling me which...
  16. Chris Muller

    Upgrading to 12.1 on Raspbian

    Hi! I'm a Dash-lovin' newbie. :) I'm running my masternode on a Raspberry Pi 2 via the dashman helper script. dashman has "sync" and "update" commands; the former updates dashman, the latter, dashd. However, it does so by downloading and replacing the binaries (dashd and dash-cli)...
  17. K

    How does downtime affect masternode payments

    I had some HW problems with my masternode around the time I was expecting a next payment. The masternode was down for about 24h and then after 2 days it was down again for about 16h. Now I'm back online for over 6 days and It's been over 16 days since my last payment (I didn't receive any...
  18. J

    Does a masternode payout its dividends from a reserve or from "new" DASH? Thanks

    Does a masternode payout its dividends from a reserve or from "new" DASH? Thanks
  19. ec1warc1

    Error in Updater Version 5

    I am on Debian, pretty basic Masternode install, and I am getting an error when attempting to use the Updater: perl /home/dash/dashcentral-updater/ Can't locate JSON/RPC/ in @INC (you may need to install the JSON::RPC::Client module) (@INC contains...
  20. Amazing

    Help updated to MN version

    I recently saw that there was a problem where two miners mined the same block at virtually the same, and we are being told to make sure our MN are updated to 12.0.58? I am running 12.0.56 I monitor my node via Dashwhale, err I mean Dashcentral. I haven't missed a payment, it seems like...
  21. 555007

    Дашмастер - хостинг Мастернод

    Доброго времени суток! Лучший способ заставить Ваши деньги работать на Вас это открыть Мастерноды Даш! Мы с радостью сообщем Вам об открытии сервиса по хостингу Мастернод Даш на русском языке - Дашмастер! Мы помогаем зарабатывать и поддерживаем наших партнёров на всех стадиях создания и...
  22. Luiz_Ant0n10

    What is the best desktop configuration to run a masternode?

    What is the best desktop configuration to run a masternode? What about a desktop Dell XPS 8900 with Intel® Core™ i7-6700 (3.4 GHz), 16GB RAM, and NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 745, 4GB, DDR3 or else, What about a notebook? The notebook Dell Vostro 5480 with Intel® Core™ i7-5500U (2.4 GHz), 8GB RAM...
  23. halso

    Why don't we halve the Masternode collateral requirement now?

    Q. Why does a network with incentivized nodes (i.e. Dash) have less nodes than a network with no incentives (i.e. Bitcoin) ? Is our master-node collateral requirement too high? I previously read somewhere that the plan is to ultimately decrease the collateral requirement as the network grows...
  24. TaoOfSatoshi

    Proposal: Tao Community Coordinator

    ***PROPOSAL NAME EDITED TO MORE ACCURATELY REPRESENT THE PROPOSAL*** Hi, my name is Tao Of Satoshi. Most of you know me already from the forums and on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as the Dash Dalmatian. I am a very friendly person by nature, and have the ability and patience to deal with...
  25. amanda_b_johnson

    A Call for tungfa to Heed the Masternodes' Vote

    Hello, everyone. Thanks for reading. I write today to express to you that I've happened upon a new challenge in this grand voting system of ours: What if the masternode network votes that one of its employees ought to perform a certain action, but that employee then refuses to do so? As you...
  26. SonyoNovo

    Masternode Hardware

    Hi! I would just like to ask what a decent Masternode hardware set-up would be for a PC to start... -Are there any minimal system requirements? -I'm guessing the Masternode would be running full-time on a dedicated desktop PC at home? Or could it possibly run on a laptop that I carry to work...
  27. AjM

    Simple Masternode MENU for Linux (discontinued)

    AjM's Simple Commandline Masternode Menu For Linux. NOTE: Current script is NOT 12.1 compatible !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...