1. xkcd

    Best practice when mixing masternode rewards

    As part of our scans over at I came across this address XvVwJbTFzVd2FCCVFDg89wWiSS5WBy266n what is interesting about it is the inputs. For example, consider these transactions. When we look at the input side, we see This is a bunch of inputs (MN rewards) being...
  2. xkcd

    Reduction of Masternode collateral

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss and gauge community support of lowering the Masternode collateral from 1000 DASH to 500, 250 or 200 DASH. Pros Reduce friction to becoming a MNO. Increase the decentralisation of the network. Counter the trend of falling MN count from a peak of over...
  3. K

    About MasterNode requirement

    Dear Dash team, I am a Dash holder and I think it is necessary to reduce the master node requirement from 1000 Dash to 100 Dash. (This is risk but it is worth to do it) Some point as below: 1. This change will make the Dash network more and more decentralized. 2. It will effect more people to...
  4. xkcd

    DASH Masternode Zeus (replacement for dashman)

    Dear All, This is a dedicated thread for DASH Masternode Zeus (DMZ). It is an alternative to the aging DASHMAN. It installs a new masternode on a Ubuntu VPS according to my guide using a simple to use TUI. It is available from You can clone it and run...
  5. Ratima

    Dash Next partnered with Threefold, the world's Largest Peer-to-peer cloud

    The first iniative in this partnership is a easy 5 step guide how to set up a Dash Masternode: Please like, share and stay tuned for more Dash publications on the Threefold Grid and a big integration soon to...
  6. xkcd

    Multiplexing masternodes on single VPS

    This guide will attempt to show you how you can run more than one Masternode (MN) on a single VPS a technique I call multiplexing. To save space due to data redundancy the masternodes will share a common blockchain. The guide assumes you have setup your masternode as per guide...
  7. Mark Mason

    Omni Analytics: Masternode Cryptocurrency Market Cap Mirrors Twitter Presence

    Omni Analytics: Masternode Cryptocurrency Market Cap Mirrors Twitter Presence Masternode cryptocurrency market capitalization mirrors the project’s Twitter presence, according to Omni Analytics, with Dash ranking highly for both. Read more -...
  8. FrankWatsonJr

    WTS Prelaunch Setup Masternodes Masternodes 101 eBook Guide

    How to get started with Crypto Masternodes, Where to find and research coins, and access helpful resources that will save you 1 year of time spent by Our Experts to learn all the steps that we will teach you inside of the Masternodes 101 eBook! Price: $20 First 5 customers receive 50%...
  9. ec1warc1

    Voting with Dash, a quick guide for Dip003 Masternodes

    So, you updated your masternode(s) to Dip003, but you don’t know how to vote? It’s easy! Here is how: Get the ProTX Hash from your DashCore wallet. From the Masternodes tab, alt-click the masternode Address and copy the ProTx Hash Open the debug console: Using that hash, get the address...
  10. M

    MNs not paying out, but DMT and says it has payed out

    I have two Masternodes and I have the same problem with both of them. I updated it to 0.13.1 and successfully registered them to the Deterministic Masternode List. A few weeks ago, I successfully got a payment on both MNs with new version 0.13.1. But now, I don't get payments anymore on both...
  11. UltimateCrypto


  12. R

    Restarting your MN whiteout access to Trezor

    Hi, my MN stopped running because of the missing update. Now I updated everything with Dashman to, but it looks like I have to start the MN with DMT. The problem is I´m traveling and have no access to my Trezor with the collateral on it. Is there another change to make the MN run...
  13. Grupo.certus

    Evaluation TOOL for MASTERNODES

    Hello everyone! The following tool aims to help MNOs in the evaluation of proposals submitted to the DAO. Due to the low prices of Dash, it is key to demand high levels of quality in the projects to be approved, in order to guarantee the best use of resources...
  14. H

    Proposal: CRYPTALRESEARCH - All you need to decide gobject vote-many 9651bbd2e678588fbedc8f4a89f82cdacac33223613fb7aad52e42251af5da60 funding yes BRIEFING: CREATING A PERSUASIVE BUSINESS ANALYSIS "CryptalResearch is an organization whose missions to analyze...
  15. L

    WTB Masternode Fund

    hi everyone, we are going to Start new Masternode Fund, and You can use DAICO method: DAICO is an ICO that combines two forms of Secured ICO and Ensured ICO. While Secured ICO mitigates investment risk, Ensured ICO increases its margins further. read:
  16. xkcd

    Email Alerts for DASH MN down

    Hi MNOs, ever had a VPS go down? Or MN that went into NEW_START_REQUIRED for no known reason? Did you wish you knew about it sooner? Well I have a solution for you! First a story, i thought I had a good setup and I do ;) but my hosting provider had some SAN issues and the effect on my linux...
  17. W

    Question about InstandSend and lazy Masternodes

    So I've recently heard about the potential lazy masternode problem, where a masternode can in fact simply respond to the ping sent to it and be considered to be online (thus still earning) without doing any actual work for the network. My question is: in the quorum of 10 masternodes selected for...
  18. xkcd

    Get Masternode's position in the payment queue

    A question that comes up time again is, Finally a simple function exists that let's you answer that question yourself and monitor your MN(s) progress through the payment queue! Introducing this niftly little function allows you to find your place in the payment queue, let's look at...
  19. technoir

    WTS <<< >>> Masternode Shares Service by __technoir__

    Hi Dashers, I'm pleased to announce that my Masternode Shares Service is now operational. I'm accepting shares of 100 Dash or more (the minimum share size may be reduced after 12.4). Please visit my website for more information and don't hesitate to get in...
  20. tamias

    Скрипт отслеживания мастернод.

    Скрипт для отслеживания мастернод , вся актуальная информация у вас в смартфоне. За основу взят скрипт от moocoomoo . номер позиции в очереди и ее визуализация на шкале в % Время оставшееся до входа в “Selection pool” Время нахождения в “Selection pool” после входа в...
  21. T

    Anyone know how to change the amount needed to start a masternode

    Hi, I am trying to play with a clone of dash and I am trying to find out where would I change the how many coins it takes to start a master node. Any help would be appreciated.
  22. M

    Please Help, Masternode Keeps going into Watchdog Mode

    Hi. Im a new masternode owner and ive been having a hell of a time with this. My masternode recently has been going offline every few hours with the watchdog issue. Here is what I have. Sentinel - returning no errors Dashman - Loading up and working fine. I attempted to install the dash...
  23. I


    Virtus coin (Project VirtusPay) Virtus is a new next generation coin built from Dash. Virtus (means valor, masculinity, perfection, character and dignity, perceived as male strengths) uses Tribus algorithm for proof of work. Just like Dash it does not rely on any sort...
  24. rube563

    MN as a Proof of Income

    Hello good people, Have been living for 13 years as a expat, now I am back to my country. I don't have a proof of income yet, need one to get a loan to buy a house. I would like to know if anyone have any ideas how can I use my MN as a proof of Income. thanks, Rubens
  25. dashameter

    Scheme for starting a masternode without using the collateral private key

    If there was a way to start a masternode without using the private key of the collateral, a 3rd party service could be used to monitor and restart the masternode without concern over the loss of funds. Also when on the go, one could upgrade and restart a masternode without having to bring the...
  26. TheCryptoGrandpa

    Masternodes and how they receive new proposals...?

    Good day everyone, Please ca you help... the masternodes instantly receive all the proposals? Or as part of my own marketing should I seek them out when I make my proposal? Thank you Christopher
  27. B

    Evan Duffield is throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars every month

    The founder ED is rumored to have 100,000 dash, but he publicly claims to have no masternodes. He could have 100 masternodes generating >$6,000 each in superblock rewards at current exchange prices. If this is correct, he's just pissing away over half a million dollars every month. Am I wrong...
  28. S

    WTS [service offered] Shared Masternode Service for most MN coins

    Hello community, In the past few months I have found that running a masternode can be quiet profitable. Naturally I have invested in several masternodes, but due to my limited funds only operated nodes of coins with a lower collateral requirement until I decided to share a Vivo masternode and...
  29. Acedian

    When would you sell your Dash masternode owner?

    When do you call it a day and retire from being a masternode owner? Most will only cash out partially. So, vote for the value before you stop hosting a masternode.
  30. M

    Masternode keeps going inactive

    I got myself a masternode 5 weeks ago feeling happy about the investmeent and the opportunity to pay back to the community. First two weeks all went fine, but in the last three weeks my masternode have gone inactive four times, without getting any rewards. I use the vultre service. i have...
  31. AndersonC

    Is it existed "Mining pool"-like-"Masternode pool"?

    Hi everyone in Dash forum, I'm a Dash newbie. My first question is: Is there existed a mechanism can run Masternode like a mining pool? e.g. I provide 100 Dash then I can receive 100/1000=10% reward of Masternode. I'm also curious about the number of Masternodes. Does the Dash network have...
  32. A

    New Masternodecoin (Airdrop) Get in early!

    Get your airdroped masternode coins info Here As you know from the history of dash you know getting in early on a master node project is great! here is your chance to get in early and with a airdrop this is a great time to get a hold of some Masternode Coins!!!
  33. M

    Thoughts on potential for greater decentralization

    Would it be possible to further break down the ownership of masternodes via something like a smart contract? I realize that they're not a part of Dash (right?), but is there any way to implement it? As of now, the only way that I've seen to "own" a small part of a masternode is to trust one of a...
  34. Pietro Speroni

    should people with multiple masternodes receive an economical incentive to always only vote once?

    Right now each masternode owner has one vote. And it was claimed that this is to use the "wisdom of the crowd". Now the "wisdom of the crowd" is a technical term that refers to some really interesting phenomenon. In several situations when you ask a crowd to evaluate a situation. Especially a...
  35. R

    Masternode's receiving address - can it be different to the collateral address?

    Hello, I would like to have one wallet holding the 1000 DASH collateral (deposit address) and a different wallet that receives the payments (receiving address). Is this possible? TIA
  36. Ludwig_Von_Mises


    Hello everyone! The team at poswallet is very interested in implementing DASH masternode pools on our website, and wanted feedback from the community to see how they feel about it. Below is a little background on POSWallet and the overall vision of what we are attempting to accomplish. As we...
  37. Dworf

    DashQt and Masternode address problem

    ok - the problem startet when I created the new address with "masternode genkey" and send the collateral to that address, Then the Tx was done and visible on the blockchain but up to now it does not show up in the Tx list of the Qt wallet. As next step I setup the masternode created the...
  38. nnx3

    new mining reward ASIC/MN

    anybody know CPU/GPU minning is not a profitable ony ASIC an MASTERNODE give a profit... but ASIC company doing extra profitable businnes for themselves , all sales ASIC are stoping DASH mining are a scam :D now its time to change rules!!, whot do you think about new mining reward: miners 24%...
  39. F

    multisig address for masternode

    Hey guys, Me and my friend want to buy 1000 dash together and run a master node. We want to create a multisig address and deposit our dash into it. Is it possible to use it as a collateral for master node ?
  40. joezippy

    Masternode private send mixing...

    Hello, I have been thinking on this for a couple days and was asked by @TroyDASH to pull this out of the #slack and post it here for discussion... So, here goes.... Happy discussing! :) Problems: (1) Private Send mixing in the QT wallet is slower than most would like. (2) Only the QT...
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