masternode error

  1. S

    No Masternode Payment after 15 that normal?

    Here is a recent output of dashman status: hostname : masternode01 host uptime/load average : 7 days, 0.09 0.06 0.07 dashd bind ip address : removed dashd version : dashd up-to-date : YES dashd running : YES...
  2. Michael Q

    dashman: masternode visible "NO" - what does it mean?

    My first masternode is up and running (thanks, dashman and tunga!)... and was all green in dashman status but then after two days "masternode visible" changed to NO. See below. What's this mean and is it something to be concerned about?
  3. c3works

    Broke first MN adding a second and push script

    noob here (and noobier by the minute now) - set up 1 mn fine. was running as seen in Dashcentral and CLI return msg. Then I set up a second MN and loaded the suggested push script thinking I was following the hosted README.txt instructions - now both MN's are down :( --- I verified the cron job...
  4. K

    How does downtime affect masternode payments

    I had some HW problems with my masternode around the time I was expecting a next payment. The masternode was down for about 24h and then after 2 days it was down again for about 16h. Now I'm back online for over 6 days and It's been over 16 days since my last payment (I didn't receive any...
  5. Dworf

    MN error log

    today my MN failed (process died) - here is the error log: 2016-11-16 13:39:09 CMasternodeSync:ProcessMessage - ssc - got inventory count 2 4185 2016-11-16 13:39:11 dstx: Got Masternode transaction 1c465b7fb25bbab18ee7cb0e2c6cf15a4a387b3a52354e5915599c5b1fc35f27 2016-11-16 13:39:11...
  6. ec1warc1

    "errorMessage" : "Could not allocate vin

    I got my IP address mixed up between two masternodes. I sent the DASH to a standby address, rebuilt both of the masternode configurations with the local wallet. ONE works fine: masternode start-alias MN3 20:20:46  { "alias" : "MN3", "result" : "successful" } The other still produces...