1. S

    WTS SOMIDAX MARKETPLACE a home for all mining equipment using DASH a payment instrument

    A global fulfillment trade center for buying of products available from choice brands of needs using digital assets and tokens as well as fiat without limitation of doing business in a decentralizes somidax marketplace platform
  2. Marketpl4ce

    New P2P Dash Marketplace

    Marketpl4ce is a new marketplace for all types of members. Featuring a variety of topics including general sales, currency exchanges, gaming, online accounts, virtual items, cryptocurrency, and much more. Our website is 100% free but you can support us by purchasing a Premium membership! Earn...
  3. Z

    free email trading alerts

    Hi folks, We developed a web site that allows users to receive free email alerts when cryptocurrencies price meet a certain price condition. Price is monitored every 1 minute, 24/7. Service is provided free of charge. Hope it's usefull. New exchanges supported...
  4. JerryBanfield

    Dash Marketplace Live Preproposal Video

    Which cryptocurrency will be the first after Bitcoin to make a compelling reason to use it above all others? Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, Dash, Ripple, and Monero all have a clear chance to by #1 out of all cryptocurrencies. The problem is none of them truly offers what Bitcoin does: a clear...
  5. Klossie

    Dash on OPSKINS? Please read @ mods.

    Intro: I don't believe anybody has posted about this yet. OPSKINs is the largest marketplace for converting in game counterstrike virtual items into Fiat. Counterstrike is in the top 5 largest online multiplayer games worldwide; attracting over 10 million monthly active users on the platform of...
  6. Dworf

    Zeronet, Openbazaar & market places

    Like all applications, DASH need a big community to rise its value. Market places are naturally the best way to use a currency. But Eb*y and Ama*on even do not accept Bitcoin for payments - not to talk about DASH. There were some discussions about a Openbazaar fork for DASH support. But since OB...
  7. JZA

    WTB Python/Django developer at DASH special rate

    I am a Python/Django developer, I specialized on business application development, I have built systems for companies that have sales teams and need to track commisions for their associates and other applications regarding tourism and general business operations. I am giving a 20% discount on...