1. Tommyworldpower

    Considering making a 10-15 minute for my youtube viewers on Dash

    Edit-- Updated this OP with the full post that i posted on, which you can also see at Hey guys, I was thinking about doing a DASH video, I wanted to do it through the proposal system and in my video I will talk about this, how I was...
  2. stellabelle

    Before Dash Decides on a Commercial, Meet Ryan Gill, Who Works For LA-Based Vol.4

    I see that the TV commercial and marketing are already going, which is great. I do wonder what the overall strategy is though. Does anyone know what the look and feel of the marketing plan is? I am also curious who the art director will be for such marketing and what the overall strategy is. If...
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    PROPOSAL: ABJ to Shift From News Updates to Global Market Outreach

    The concept of DASH Detailed was created with one goal: show the cryptosphere what they’ve overlooked in Dash. To achieve this, I created explainers about our system’s technical aspects. I made tutorials on how to interact with our network. And I gave lots of news updates. I now feel that this...
  4. stellabelle

    Win A Bacon Wallet Filled With Digital Cash In A DASH Art Contest!

    Dash For Newbies is hosting a Dash Art Contest! In addition to Dash cash prizes, there are some fun ones like the Bacon Wallet that are being given out to top art submissions. I really need your help in spreading this contest around social media. I'll be doing some paid advertising, but just...
  5. stellabelle

    Dash For Newbies Subscriber Goal Already Reached: 150

    Today I was checking the stats of the Dash For Newbies Medium publication and discovered that I've already tripled the number of subscribers since creating my last proposal. This is good news, and it means people from the mainstream are hungry for this kind of information. I think it was Sunday...
  6. CapitalSuccess

    Are Early Adopters of Dash a key market from a merchant's perspective?

    Early Adopters (13.5% of those that accept innovation) - "These individuals have the highest degree of opinion leadership among the other adopter categories. Early Adopters are typically younger in age, have a higher social status, have more financial lucidity, advanced education, and are more...
  7. JZA

    [proposal] Business marketing push to turn Cancun into a DASH hotspot

    Our local community Bitcuners have grown significally and many of the members are interested into taking DASH to the next level in the City. We want to convert Cancun into a DASH hotspot around the world and bring a DASH economy to the city. Current Events At this point, Bitcuners has...
  8. Dashmaximalist

    stop dash from getting burned

    1000s of dash getting burned every month for the lack of proposals and MNs apathy ( or laziness) as if today there are 6200 dash that can potentially get burned this month, this is just horrible ( All this money should be used for something worth while ...
  9. Dashmaximalist

    Marketing is everything

    i am sort of newbie to dash and i love what you guys are doing here and think dash has the best chance of going mainstream , but there are many challenges here are my thoughts and observations , feel free to comment First thing first currency is nothing unless its widely accepted , so unless...
  10. stellabelle


    For those who would rather learn about my pre-proposal in video form, here's the link my video that explains it: NEW PROPOSAL TERMS FROM TONS OF FEEDBACK IN SLACK: ONE MONTH, 30 DASH. I'd be putting in full-time hours. (One month allows the Dash community to assess my effectiveness and see...
  11. Klossie

    Dash on OPSKINS? Please read @ mods.

    Intro: I don't believe anybody has posted about this yet. OPSKINs is the largest marketplace for converting in game counterstrike virtual items into Fiat. Counterstrike is in the top 5 largest online multiplayer games worldwide; attracting over 10 million monthly active users on the platform of...
  12. JZA

    DASH Facebook "Boost"

    A few months ago I tried to index all our DASH related presence on Facebook groups from different countries, languages, etc. I am trying to come up with a way to Boost the groups and pages that I have some control, this includes the followings: "Dash Digital Cash" Group "Dash en Español"...
  13. A

    WTS Dash Internet Marketing Agency: Your Questions Answered For Free

    Hi everyone I run an internet marketing agency at, and wondering if there are any questions I can answer, in relation to marketing of Dash companies or any other kind of business? I'm here to help, Cheers
  14. JerryBanfield

    Proposal: 10 New Dash Video Tutorials!

    Thank you very much for reading this proposal again which is a resubmission of which was approved for March 2017 but was deleted during the 12.1 update. Would you vote again yes again on this new proposal to help me make a series of videos that I hope...
  15. RichardAO

    android app/widgets

    Has anyone ever proposed a widget whose simple function is to display the current market price of Dash? Perhaps this app could be provided on the playstore, subsidized with advertising until purchased for some nominal amount? The advertising could be from vendors who accept Dash. If not, then...
  16. JerryBanfield

    Proposal: Promote Anonymous Dash Payments to 200,000 Hackers on YouTube!

    Would you help me share Dash with 200,000+ YouTube viewers watching my hacking tutorials every month? Educating hackers about how to use Dash is the perfect opportunity to bring an audience interested in anonymity into our community! My 11 hacking videos at have...
  17. JerryBanfield

    Help Me Share Dash with Millions on Facebook and YouTube: JAN 2017 Budget Proposal!

    Thank you for reading this proposal today! This is a crosspost from Why are we here? In 2014 my friend Robert from Wall of Coins told me about Bitcoin and I was immediately hooked because of seeing how much the world needs it. Two years...
  18. JZA

    Get Amanda (DASH) on Keiser Report

    Hey guys, why we dont try to make an effort on trying to get @amanda_b_johnson on the Keiser Report? I think her presence would increase the popularity of DASH.
  19. JZA

    Local Crypto User Group

    I am part of a crypto user group that have weekly meetups, would be great to have some sponsorship from DASH. The group has been meeting for more than 2 years now and is going strongs having new people comming together every Thursday. DASH could be a great and valued sponsor of such meetups...
  20. JZA

    DASH support on local events in LaTam

    Great I run a local Crypto user group, with weekly meetups. how you think DASH could help? There are Crypto events across LatAm which would be good to have people give talks there. However what would be the criteria to qualify for an event. Anarchapulco is an international event, and other...
  21. JZA

    DASH Facebook Group

    Not really a website but want to promote some of the Facebook Groups that have to do with DASH: - Dash Digital Cash - Dash Venezuela - Dash Africa
  22. JZA

    Nueva pagina en Facebook

    Saludos, aquí les dejo el vínculo a la nueva página en español en Facebook de DASH. Bienvenidos..
  23. UndocumentedHuman

    Dash Mobile - Denver Crypto Tour

    We are planning our next tour in the Dash Mobile! Now that she's branded, it's time to get on the road! Our mission: To spread information and awareness of Dash to the crypto network in Colorado. Our family uses crypto currencies for most services and products we purchase. Creating...
  24. Willy Woo

    We need a sponsorship analytic tool

    Hey guys, if we are going to sponsor ongoing podcasts and webcasts with decent money, like the $2.2k proposal for the CryptoShow, we really need to see some metrics on each sponsorship's effectiveness. Nearly all major mainstream podcast sponsors do giveaway coupons or a special URL so they can...
  25. JZA

    Promoviendo el DASH a los negocios

    Durante la semana se ha hecho una intensa conversación en el grupo de Telegram sobre como promover DASH a los empresarios, para mejorar la oferta de DASH en los paises latinoamericanos (y del resto del mundo). Sin embargo hablando especificamente de los mercados Hispanos se identifico una gran...
  26. TheDashGuy

    TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign "DigitalCash" |

    TheDashGuy's Decentralized "DigitalCash" Social Media Outreach & Marketing Campaign | Working for the Dash Economy. Amount: 175 Dash Timeline: 3 months to start out. Total Hours put into proposal over 3 month period: 360 - 450 hours ( 30-40 hours weekly) Proposal Goal: To grow the Dash user...
  27. kot

    Dash Project Overview Presentation

    Dear Dash Community, During the recent months I have been working on multiple Dash presentations and have created many slides for conferences and events. Based on those materials, I have prepared a general presentation about Dash targeted to regular people, who know nothing (or very little)...
  28. isysd

    WTT Guild Communication Guru needed! (get paid DASH)

    Hi guys, I want to share a job application here. Since the Dash community is one of our clients, and we are paid in Dash, we like to hire Dash people and pay out likewise. I'd also like to add that I think the communication of the Dash community is impressive! Application...
  29. cryptobubble

    New FB Group dedicated to Dash

    There's a new FB Group dedicated to Dash, feel free to join the discussion there. Post about anything related to Dash, Masternodes and Masternode Services, Miners, X11 Asics and whatever you guys want to share with the community. :);)o_O