1. DashPantanal

    Marketing Proposal - Dash Pantanal - (MS, Brazil)

    Hello Dash Community ! This is Yung and Milena, we are from Jardim/MS (Brazil). Although our profile is new here on the forum, we have known and followed Dash since 2016. We live in a region of great tourist relevance in our state, for weeks we have been working on a marketing strategy to...
  2. C

    Pre-proposal: Social Media Marketing via YouTube Sponsorship

    I have uploaded my pre-proposal. I'm unable to submit a copy/paste of my document on this forum. An error message pops up saying "there's elements of spam. Please contact administrator".
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash: A Better Money for A Better Future (Whitepaper)

    As promised, here is the whitepaper for a potential Dash marketing campaign tagline and slogan. It features analysis into Dash's strengths and weaknesses, and how we can take the two and turn it into a powerful message and community strategy to promote Dash, not just from a capital investment...
  4. TaoOfSatoshi

    Christopher's Crypto Chronicles (Dec 28th)

    In this episode of CCC, Tao talks about Dash's marketing and economics, a cool article about economic bandwidth, and a Dashing Steve Jobs video he got inspiration from.
  5. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Dash: A Better Money For A Better Future

    Join Tao as he examines Dash's situation when it comes to marketing, checks out highlights of a beautiful Ted Talk by Simon Sinek called "Start with Why", and offers suggestions for a new Dash tagline and marketing focus.
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Exploring Crypto Economics and Marketing | Tao & Amanda LIVE!

    Today we talk about the various aspects of crypto's economics and marketing. We examine the paradox between holding and spending, PoW vs. PoS economics, failed marketing strategies and ways to improve crypto's message to the average person, among other topics. Today at 5PM UTC!
  7. thedesertlynx

    Litecoin’s Genius Marketing Plan and Why It Works

    Litecoin’s Genius Marketing Plan and Why It Works Digital currencies and blockchain technology have entered their eleventh year, while still remaining far from adopted by the masses. Clearly, if this is to change the world, we need to take this beyond the current pool of crypto fans. However...
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Community criticisms of Dash amid CoinMarketCap slide

    Dash's community has for the most part remained relatively positive during this long, relentless bear market. Recently, though, some cracks have started to appear. Christopher (Tao) takes a look at the top three criticisms he's hearing and debates whether or not they are actually valid in...
  9. HeyMichael

    PR Selection Proposal

    Public relations is one of the key parts of the marketing function within Dash Core Group (“DCG”). The purpose of this activity is to gain media attention for Dash, help shape the messaging around Dash, and enhance the public perception of the project. This post will help explain the background...
  10. Yoana Castillo

    Dash Weeks

    Dash Cabimas es una comunidad dedicada a promover el uso, la adopción y la masificación de la criptomoneda Dash, como un método de pago eficaz, rápido y fácil. El municipio de Cabimas se encuentra en el estado de Zulia, en la costa este del lago de Maracaibo Es la tercera ciudad más grande y...
  11. HeyMichael

    Dash Core PR Status Report Q4 2018

    The purpose of this update and report is to share with the Dash community the progress Dash Core Group has achieved from PR efforts for Q4 of 2018, specifically our efforts involving Wachsman. The metrics in the document below outline all of the publications that wrote about Dash along with...
  12. pedro sandoval

    Sunset Roll powered by Dash

    Sunset Roll Festival Powered by Dash Summary Sunset Roll powered by Dash is a proposal created with the sole purpose of boosting Dash’s mainstream adoption as a payment solution amongst young people in Venezuela through a premium sponsorship in the most popular alternative music festival in...
  13. Red Productiva

    First Pre Proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with billboards

    RedProductiva Dash-Merida Venezuela Red Productiva is a DASH community located in the City of Merida-Venezuela. This Community is part of Dash Venezuela and we are working for the adoption of DASH as a means of digital payment. The Proposal in DashBoost to start the pilot plan has the...
  14. Dash Rio de Janeiro

    Dash no Rio de Janeiro

    Oi gente! Estamos no Rio de Janeiro e queremos fazer uma estratégia para que o Carioca conheça e use Dash! O quê vocês acham???? Estamos escutando sugestões!
  15. dashm

    Pre-Proposal: Free Advertising Products + World Wide Shipping

    Hi, we are a small team from Germany and we would like to know what you think about the following: We want to provide people all over the world who want to promote DASH with advertising products such as stickers and other cool stuff. We have over 10 years experience in producing professional...
  16. Sky Conway

    DASH Sponsorship of the movie Crypto, a feature-film about Bitcoin

    My name is Sky Conway and I am an early Cryptocurrency adopter, supporter and filmmaker. I wanted to bring this pre-proposal to everyone's attention. This pre-proposal is to evaluate interest in a sponsorship package for DASH brand placement and other advertising for the upcoming Crypto movie...
  17. HeyMichael

    Dash Core PR Status Report

    This update’s purpose is to share with the community the progress of our PR efforts for 2018 with Wachsman. Below you will find a report that shares the general performance of Wachsman and DCG’s PR efforts. We are sharing the metric based success we have achieved in 2018 along with the links to...
  18. M

    Coherent marketing effort request network wide: Dash is a scalable cash replacement coin

    If we're not a privacy coin, what are we? I've heard some people advocate us as a governance coin, transaction coin, privacy coin (most often). Dash is a _____ coin, should be something that gets a bit more standardized across messaging, news articles, etc. Dash is a scalable cash replacement...
  19. dashm

    Get Free DASH Stickers

    Hey people! We’re in the sticker business and made some DASH stickers. If you want some to promote DASH in your area, just send a message with your address and we’ll ship it to you for free. It’s quality offset print on vinyl with glossy varnish, primarily for indoor use. Cheers!
  20. Tokenaires Network

    WTB Barriers to the Market

    One of my Biggest Pet Peaves when it comes to barriers to the market, deals with restrictions on advertising. Check out the youtube video I did on it it titled "Tokenaire Network: ICO Direct (The Invisible Hand)" Thoughts?
  21. Joe Scully - MultiGP

    MultiGP Drone Racing: Pilots Worldwide Adopt DASH - Sports Activation USA & World (Escrow)

    On NOW (May Budget Cycle in DASH Central) - Title: Sports Sponsorship Activation: MultiGP DASH Drone Racing USA and Worldwide Properties Owner: MultiGP DASH Drone Racing All Drone Pilots win! World's largest drone league to...
  22. C

    Influencer Marketing Proposal | Channel Factory

    Influencer Marketing for Dash | Audience Discovery, Awareness & Conversion OVERVIEW Campaign Message & Budget Message: Dash is the leading cryptocurrency and payment settlement solution based on key product differentiators: platform privacy, unparalleled transaction speed and security...
  23. Cryptochindian

    WTS Designer & Marketing Services!

    Hi guys, I currently work in manufacturing and design of products (namely consumer goods). If anyone needs work done, in terms of design or running a marketing campaign. Hit me up! Would be more than happy to help!
  24. corrorro

    Dash Presence at "Talent Land México". A 30k attendees Tech & Business convention.

    Hello, Dash network! I am @corrorro and I just had the opportunity to manage the Dash booth at Anarchapulco 2018 conference. Please click here to see who I am! Last year I attended one of the most spectacular conferences I have ever been to. Therefore, this year I contacted the organizers to...
  25. Gaurav_Gupta

    New Dash Marketing Videos : Freelancing Industry

    Hi there, As part of our project, we have made 4 videos to educate freelancers about blockchain technology and more specifically about Dash. Incase anyone finds any one or all them them useful for something they are doing, please feel free to use them. In case there is something you would like...
  26. Household Name®

    Pre-Proposal | DASH Sponsors the NYC Marathon

    To the DASH Community–– We are proposing an experiential platform to claim an ownable space in the consumer's mind; a first-mover opportunity to define the core of the DASH brand and meaning. Process Every new marketing project begins with an objective question: "What has the brand got that...
  27. Household Name®

    Crypto & Blockchain | Marketing the Future

    To the DASH Community–– While the smart money and institutional investors are long vested in blockchain/crypto, the general public have limited grasp of these revolutionary technologies––still fewer grasp its future potential. Finding a unique selling proposition that delivers a compelling...
  28. pmckenna12

    Pre-proposal: Increase Dash’s awareness by advertising on YouTube

    Dash Requested This is a 3-month project that will require 300 Dash/month (900 dash/total) Full breakdown of cost is below. Description of the project Google’s largest third-party YouTube advertising partner, Strike Social, will promote Dash’s introductory video on the world’s second most...
  29. W

    Web Analytics and Marketing Attribution Reporting

    Long time Dash/MN Owner, first time really posting or doing a budget proposal. Problem I am looking to solve is around web analytics and attribution. We have spent a considerable amount of funds on campaigning and this is great. The next stage would be to make this more efficient and...
  30. ElDash

    • NEW FILM: Australian horseman uses Dash to sell horse products worldwide

    What is this proposal about? I will showcase how easy it is to use Dash as an online payment, by incorporating a Dash payment in a new documentary feature film, about the legendary Australian horseman Steve Halfpenny. This film will be shot in January 2018 (pre-production is already underway)...
  31. J

    Live webinars

    Hello, My name is Jeremy West, creator of, the first major way to spend bitcoins on amazon and other major retailers, the first major bitcoin exchange in Australia, and the first major listing of places that accept bitcoin. Unfortunately the people who bought it from me a few...
  32. Lorax

    Thailand and SE Asia Youtube Video/Marketing

    I have been involved with Bitcoin since Spring of 2013. I have traveled through south east Asia and I keep meeting and networking with many people in many various walks of life, some are in big business, others are social media musicians, entertainers, bloggers who are Thai, Korean, Japanese...
  33. DashDocumentary

    Dash Documentary Proposal - Week 2 update

    What a fantastic performance Dash has had this week! Due to it's price increase, we have decided to reevaluate our proposal budget and talk about how this extra money could be spent. As raised in the Reddit forum by jefethechefe, travel budget is currently quite minimal. With the increase, the...
  34. J

    Proposal - Short Marketing Film

    We in the crypto community have all heard the use case of a refugee carrying his or her 12 word backup phrase in their head as a means of taking their assets with them undetected as they flee their home country. Why not bring this to life in a dramatic short marketing piece? It would really...
  35. Dashmaximalist

    Deep Dive on Marketing effectiveness

    we have funded 100s of proposals however only a handful have had reasonable success, many even though executed as per the proposal have failed to deliver the reach that we deserve One of the fundamental reasons have been a lack of result oriented marketing that is widely practiced in today's...
  36. J

    Dash translator , dashschool spanish and french version

    Hello everybody my name is Juan I'm from Colombia I would like to make a proposal for marketing dash I really like how dash works and I would love to help dash get more merchants and help spread the word in latin america and spain and french speaking countries . I want To make a spanish and...
  37. J

    Professional Marketing Service For Dash

    We are a professional digital marketing firm well established in the digital era. We have accompanied clients to their digital marketing goal since 2014 and would like to work closely with the Dash Community to promote the currency worldwide by increasing awareness and facilitate mass adoption...
  38. DashDude

    Promoting DASH as an Investment to Hedge Funds

    I saw an article yesterday entitled, "Hedge Funds Investing in Cryptocurrencies ‘Exploding’ – 62 in Pipeline," that I thought was interesting. After waiting for this to happen for several years it finally seems that hedge funds are beginning to warm up to crypto. I think we should target hedge...
  39. Dashmaximalist

    Lets all come with some scalable marketing ideas

    we have funded many proposals that do a bit here and a bit there , sponsoring an event or two , however these obviously are not really scalable ideas My challenge for you all is to come with your own scalable marketing idea , given the fact we are targeting global audience its time to think...
  40. JZA

    DASH Español, spanish information hub

    Hi. I am JZA from the Bitcuners group in Cancun. I was lead on the Dash in Cancun project which we feel was highly successful. We have been planing this continuation of outreach for a while now and finally have all the pieces to launch our latest proposal together. This proposal will benefit and...