marketing giveaway

  1. MarOku

    Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

    The basis of this proposal is the experience gained from the implementation of the previous proposal "Education-based marketing at University". I am very grateful for the predominantly positive response and the opportunity to win the minds...
  2. MarOku

    Education-based marketing at University (Germany)

    Hello, this thread is to keep you updated on my proposal's progress. Website for registration: Editorial contribution in the local newspaper: "...for example, Martin is convinced of the brand Dash" The first lesson was on the 14th of December: If...
  3. MizzyMax

    Continuation of community Advertisements following Amanda's departure

    Sad day today with Amanda taking a hiatus :( she is the sole reason I got into crypto and I'm sure many others as well. She did a fabulous job! On that note, I have decided to continue the community Advertisements that she has started. I will be giving away 1-2 Dash total to get the ball...