1. Lance Lan

    Pre-Proposal: Magento - Develop, maintain and promote a DASH Integration for Magento Shops

    Payments: 2 Payments Payment Adress (DASH): XdhKC2Ync6tSAiz22Rd7jGiCwKtNKR3yaa Payment Amount: 2x 400 DASH DATE: 2018-05-09 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 400/400 (6-month engagement) This proposal is a second draft that already took its first round of feedback from the DASH Core Team (thank you...
  2. R

    Pre Proposal: Magento Dash Payments Plugin

    Hi, I am new in Dash community but I have some cool proposal. I am Magento expert and I can build Magento plugin for receiving Dash. Magento is open source e-commerce platform. Overview Magento plugin that accepts Dash though "Dash Payment Processor". Option to select Dash payment method on...