1. Wilmar Toro

    Dash Core publica detalles de la estructura legal del Trust que le permite a la red de Masternodes p

    Dash Core publica detalles de la estructura legal del Trust que le permite a la red de Masternodes poseer propiedad. El Grupo Dash Core (DCG, por sus siglas en inglés) ha publicado detalles adicionales de su estructura legal, incluido el Trust irrevocable que posee al Grupo Dash Core y que...
  2. D

    Cryptocurrencies illegal?

    Hey guys, I got into crypto because I came across one of the exchanges and decided to try. I used lots of them over time and now got into coindeal, because it seems to be a quality one. Anyway, I wanted to ask if you heard about new issue that could make cryptocurrencies illegal because of the...
  3. J

    Legal Services Paid for with Dash

    Greetings all, I'm interested in earning Dash in exchange for legal services. Anyone willing to purchase legal services with Dash should contact me.
  4. BitcoinDoctor

    DASH-enabled ICO-like "Dokens" ... A Proposal

    I'm an urban farmer. Stable non-inflationary pricing where the currency used to pay farmers and farm hands is rising in value could revolutionize the world of local food production. Using DASH alone might accomplish these efforts, but a token specifically designed for this space with its own...
  5. D Where Is My Money? Or how stole 308 Dash and got away with it

    Published on This is taken from Roger Ver’s (the bounty has expiredbut this story is still ongoing). My name is Max, I am an early adopter of Bitcoin and other cryptos. In june of 2014 I put over $5000...
  6. Leonidas

    Legal Question : Receive Dash from Masternode Network to fund somebdoy else

    Hi guys, In France law is only about Bitcoin but my guess is that it can be considered the same for Dash. For any earning from mining or masternode's interest, you need to announce them every year during tax time and will be taxed at 34 %. If I want to be legally compliant, I guess that when I...
  7. J

    What Happens to Your Dash When You Die?

    Greetings Dash Community! The law firm I consult for is paying close attention issues near and dear to the hearts of members of this community. One of the issues we addressed in our newsletter last summer was what happens to cryptocurrencies when we die. I've linked to the full article below...