ledger nano s

  1. Pietro Speroni

    Incompatibility between DashNexus, Ledger nano s and DashMasternodeTool

    Hello, I just wanted to raise a flag about an incompatibility between those three softwares: DashNexus, Ledger Nano and DashMasternode Tool. In the DashNexus to participate in the discussion you need to prove that you are the owner of a masternode. Fine. Unfortunately to prove it you are asked...
  2. S

    Incorrect DASH balance in Ledger nano S

    I sent some Dash a couple of years ago to a ledger wallet Nano S that I own. I then moved it to a new one I bought and very recently had to move it back to the initial wallet. The 'sent' transaction never appeared on my ledger and as a result I now have two transactions showing the same amount...
  3. S

    [Lost Coin] - i send Dash to address in Ledger Nano S - but coin not show in balance

    hi all! Help me, please! i get address in SIGN MESSAGE in Ledger Nano S (XrysSX9HYAfWpf41VUjARDNWiVYDUC88is) i send DASH to it, but not show in balance (no balance, no transaction) https://mydashwallet.org:3001/insight/address/XrysSX9HYAfWpf41VUjARDNWiVYDUC88is Do not know where DASH is...
  4. J

    I accidentally sent BitCoin Cash to a Bitcoin wallet

    Help! I sent BCH to my Dash wallet on my Ledger Nano S. I can see the little Dash I have but of course no BCH. Is there anything I can do? This is the transaction id: dfa79e8d3efc9909daaac8c79a542b7d24472614abe2ff8f167404a51abbf199 I appreciate any help :)
  5. mastermined


    Dash users seeking to ensure that their funds are absolutely protected will look to cold storage options, and hardware wallets are the perfect ironclad storage method paired with maximum usability. The Ledger Nano S is one of the prominent hardware wallets that features Dash support. With its...
  6. G

    Missing dash from Ledger Nano S

    Hi All, I connected my ledger today and found 0 dash in my account (Had 50 ) . I had sent my dash from a jaxx wallet to my ledger. When i checked the receive address on the transaction in Jaxx it is different to my current ledger dash account address. Could this have changed ? How would i go...