1. A

    CoinMarketCap Excludes Korean Exchanges from XRP Price

    Ripple News Update Many readers panicked when checking Ripple prices this morning because a popular website excluded Korean exchanges from its calculation of Ripple prices. The result was a seemingly sharp drop in XRP’s value. What’s shocking is that CoinMarketCap did not warn investors about...
  2. mastermined

    Rumored China Crackdown on P2P Crypto Trading, Mining to Test Censorship Resistance

    The Chinese government has continued its crackdown on cryptocurrency trading, including peer-to-peer trading and possibly mining, which will test the limits of decentralization. Over the past few weeks, a series of events stemming from regulation in China caused the cryptocurrency markets to go...
  3. tuventure

    Pre-proposal: Dash To Asia

    (Note: new here, so this might look very draft-like) (This is focusing on Asia/Southeast Asia since this could be key to Dash getting mass adoption) (Feel free to suggest/comment) 1) Dash Across Southeast Asia - using AirAsia budget airline, go to all suitable destinations - find suitable...
  4. S

    Do we have a Korean branch/channel/news outlet?

    Based on the numbers, it seems that Dash is getting very popular in Korea. Do we have any official outreach to Korea? In Korean? If not, why not?
  5. stellabelle

    South Korean Government Friendly Towards Bitcoin Creates New Global Dominance

    New article out explores how a South Korean exchange had biggest Dash trading volume today! Korea overtakes Steemit too, as more people are from Seoul, Korea than any other city...