ios wallet

  1. R

    I sent a dash but it’s happen appear where I sent it

    I sent a dash from uphold wallet to my dash wallet and then I sent that same dash back to my uphold (using the same address from the first transaction). It is saying it complete but it hasn’t been reflected in my uphold yet. I wanted to know why that could be.
  2. S

    Recovery Dash iOS Wallet

    Hi there, I had to restore my iphone through a regular backup. My Dash wallet has to be recovered. I entered the recovery phrase and noticed that I only wrote down 11 words instead of 12. Is there any other way to recover the coins in my wallet. Help would be highly appreciated. Regards, Jen
  3. warriors

    Inter-app communication for Dash iOS wallet

    Hi guys, Does Dash iOS wallet support a custom URL scheme for inter-application communication? If so, GitHub link would be appreciated. I'm expecting that custom URL schema allows 3rd party mobile applications to produce payment requests (similar to defined in BIP-0070) which then addressed...