investor report

  1. Islam

    Кто посоветует, как быть?!

    идея такая, имеется сервис специализирован по ремонту техники Apple За частую заказы поступают с выездом мастера! Работа ведётся на территории России в городе Санкт-Петербург Хочу внедрить систему расчётов Dash Есть кто может помочь ?!
  2. JerryBanfield

    First Dash Investor Report on Two Funded Budget Proposals!

    Will you review my investor report featuring the return on two budget proposal investments with me by watching the video below? Summary: I appreciate the 68 Dash sent to me from and worth $2933 on March...
  3. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5

    Hello. Here is our 5th investor report. It includes a pre-proposal at the end, but you can stop watching at ~5:35 to just hear the investor report. Video is unlisted, as it's intended for voters/investors rather than our general audience. Thanks!
  4. amanda_b_johnson

    DASH: Detailed Investor Report #5 + Pre-Proposal

    Proposal begins at min 5:25 in video. Quick facts: - Bump up to 2 shows, regular DASH: Detailed on Wednesday + new show (Spotlight) on Friday - Spotlight is an interview with a VIP in Dash, be it developer, contractor, business owner, investor, etc. - 3 month proposal - 215 Dash/month total...