1. J

    WTB Panama Land Investments Selling for Crypto Currency

    Our investment group is selling some of its land assets in Panama and accepting most crypto currencies. We were not ready for the boom 18 months ago when crypto-ites came clammering from all over the world to buy Panama land. BUT, we are ready now. The selection ranges from house lots at...
  2. Jet Cash

    Prosperous New Year from a new member

    A prosperous New Year to all Dashers ( is that what Dash supporters are called? ). I'm the real Jet Cash from the Bitcoin world, and I've become interested in Dash because of its use in Venezuela. I'd like to find out more about this. I've synchronised a Dash node, and I'm watching the price at...
  3. J

    KZ Map: A new initiative from KZ Cash, Asia’s Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

    KZ Cash is Asia’s fastest growing cryptocurrency with over 25000+ visitors on their websites. They have shown a lot of potential in past some time. I bet you have never seen this much growth in this lessen time. The last time I checked they were at 2.9 USD for one 1 KZC. They have estimated 1000...
  4. O

    General inquiry: DASH vs fiat and vs cryptocurrency competitors

    Hi, I invested in DASH coins knowing very little about what DASH is trying to achieve and how it plans to do so. I believe that blockchain technology will succeed but, as of late, I see DASH losing market share to it's competitors and am therefore starting to wonder if DASH is still a...
  5. stellabelle

    New Dash For Newbies Article About Crypto Lending by Anja

    Anja wrote a really detailed post about why and how she lends her crypto to make money. Read it here:
  6. F

    Pre-Proposal: China and Dash Investment

    Hi all Thank you for viewing my pre-proposal. I have never submitted a proposal on here before and am looking at initial thoughts about this concept and what the community is looking for in new proposals. I have made this relatively quickly to get an idea as to what people think of my general...
  7. Comodore

    Proposal: HCPP Conference in Prague and preparation for it with meetup in August

    Continuation of I am fully covering translations and conference in relation to received feedback. Thanks to the soon to be published GreyHost's materials I will be able to...
  8. Luiz_Ant0n10

    What is the best coin to holding and to shopping?

    The fundamental purpose of the cryptocurrency technology has been to offer privacy and independence from the traditional financial services. Therefore, a complete currency system needs to be good to holding and to shopping. In this context, what is the best option to holding and to shopping?