1. JZA

    Documentation on the wiki for 12.0

    Wonder if there is dedicated documentation for new features to the dash server including: instantsendnotify zmqpubhashtxlock zmqpubrawtxlock I am researching these features, and would like to know how they are worked out.
  2. JZA

    Oportunidad en mercados FIAT - DASH

    Estuve hablando con un amigo sobre crypto y la oportunidad tan grande que tiene DASH para el mercado comercial, creo que es muy importante el estimular mercados de intercambio FIAT-DASH. Eso hara muy importante el poder procesar pagos a un algo volumen en pocos segundos. Usando cosas como...
  3. No_2

    Questions about InstantTX

    When an InstantTX is initiated how are miners on the network notified that the output of a transaction already on the blockchain can only be spent by a transaction selected by a quorum of Masternodes? E.g. is a new block validation rule propagated across the network for the miners to follow...