1. Mark Mason now supports Dash InstantSend. ⚡

    We're happy to announce that now supports Dash InstantSend. ⚡ is a fast and secure way to exchange 30+ cryptocurrencies with no signup required. Just one click to exchange seamlessly and instantly. Try today!
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash and Liquid Partner on Enhanced User Experience

    Exciting news for users of both Dash and Liquid exchange today! Liquid (a top 5 volume cryptocurrency exchange) has enabled a full-featured Dash experience on their platform. InstantSend deposits and withdrawals, DASH/BTC and DASH/USDT trading pairs, and an enhanced user experience await users...
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Transactions: What Happens When You Hit "SEND"?

    When compared to other cryptocurrencies, Dash transactions stand out with their unique melding of exceptional smoothness, speed, security and optional privacy. Dash is digital cash. But what goes on behind the scenes on the Dash network so it can claim that title? Tao explains on this episode of...
  4. G

    Dash instant send not just 50% instead anytime

    My reason I got dash was the instant send feature it is very unique and attractive. But its not anytime.... Its just when you send it from person to person. When you send it to exchange it takes also sometimes 6-20 hrs. My suggestion ist that dash all the time make instant send. Otherwise...
  5. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | WhiteBit Dash InstantSend Integration Experience Interview

    Christopher (Tao) chats with a couple of representatives of the digital currency exchange WhiteBit which recently implemented native Dash InstantSend deposits and withdrawals for its customers. Find out about Whitebit and what they offer, their experience with Dash InstantSend before and after...
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Whitebit Dash InstantSend Integration Test Run

    Whitebit recently announced a Dash InstantSend integration into their systems. Tao takes a look at the claims in this unedited test run and you can see the results. Traders should love Dash InstantSend as it makes for seamless trading between exchanges without having to wait for lenghty Bitcoin...
  7. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Dash is being restricted on exchanges!

    Dash has a wealth of innovation, leading to a top-flight currency usage experience. Old-school confirmations, while still used for an extra layer of security, are no longer needed due to Dash's Chainlocks innovation. Exchanges refuse to recognize this, and make Dash play by the old-school rules...
  8. cibrigue

    BTCPay Server as DASH payment processor

    Hi guys, I've came across the BTCPay Server and it looks pretty good: open-source, self-hosted, 0% middle-man fee, support for BTC and DASH, it uses Bitpay API, so integration should be also easy. Have anyone of you tried it? Does it really support DASH and InstantSend? I've found this...
  9. Wilmar Toro

    Dash publica la actualización 0.13 con InstantSend por defecto, mejoras en la privacidad, reformas p

    Dash publica la actualización 0.13 con InstantSend por defecto, mejoras en la privacidad, reformas para los Masternodes Dash ha lanzado la actualización 0.13, la cual incluye cambios radicales en el sistema de masternodes y revisiones importantes tanto de transacciones instantáneas como...
  10. Wilmar Toro

    Dash aprovecha sus capacidades innovadoras para revolucionar la tecnología del quórum

    Dash aprovecha sus capacidades innovadoras para revolucionar la tecnología del quórum Dash ha anunciado la presentación de los quórums de masternodes de larga vida (LLMQ, por sus siglas en inglés), los cuales actualmente se encuentra en desarrollo e influirán en las características de...
  11. W

    Question about InstandSend and lazy Masternodes

    So I've recently heard about the potential lazy masternode problem, where a masternode can in fact simply respond to the ping sent to it and be considered to be online (thus still earning) without doing any actual work for the network. My question is: in the quorum of 10 masternodes selected for...
  12. t0dd

    Questions about InstantSend behavior in a flooded network

    I'm working on a DashForceNews article that discusses scale from a user/merchant perspective. Capacity, throughput, latency, response times... throughout the phases of an interaction between a payer and a payee... The stated transaction "speed" of Dash is approximately 48 transactions per...
  13. JZA

    Instantsend on Electrum DASH

    So during the summer a proposal was launched to add IX to Electrum DASH but I still dont see traces of it on the code. Is this featured on the client? where can i see the code for it? Thanks.
  14. generalbytes

    Proposal: GB ATM and POS Infrastructure

    Proposal DASH - GB ATM and POS Infrastructure upgrade A Proposal to enable full Dash support (including InstantSend) on all GENERAL BYTES BATM and Point of Sale (POS) terminals in existence and future ATM and POS machines sold. GENERAL BYTES Company Overview GENERAL BYTES is a Bitcoin and...
  15. mastermined

    Craig Wright: Dash and Bitcoin Cash Compete for the Same Vision

    Craig Wright indicated a friendly competition between Dash and Bitcoin Cash as both seek to replace Bitcoin’s vacant throne as king of digital cash payments. In a debate on Twitter over scaling Bitcoin for fast and cheap everyday commerce transactions, Wright, the chief scientist at nChain...
  16. P

    Instant AND private transfers?

    I am new to Dash but have read quite a bit on it this week. My first impression is great and it seems to be a natural follow-up of Bitcoin. The PrivateSend and InstantSend features are particularly useful, if not essential additions. My impression is however that these can not be combined, i.e...
  17. alex-ru

    Временное отключение InstandSend из-за потенциальной уязвимости в кворумах

    ПЕРЕВОД (оригинал: Всем привет, Мы хотели бы сообщить, что благодаря сообществу, мы обнаружили потенциальный эксплойт в текущей версии InstantSend, дающий возможность...
  18. R

    InstantSend / PrivateSend

    This acts as a forum for all InstantSend and PrivateSend Questions
  19. Acedian

    InstantSend For Every Transaction?

    As we start down the path toward mass adoption I would like to suggest that all transactions become InstantSend transactions. When a "normal" person sends a Dash transaction we want them to have the best possible experience without the need to any specialist knowledge. Surely this means having...
  20. I

    InstantSend Questions

    Hello guys, I am Adrian Kreter from Instacoins. I will post the project here once completed. Before that I have a few technical questions regarding InstantSend. I am refering to this guide: https dashpay.atlassian .net/wiki/display/DOC/InstantSend+Integration (I am splitting the link because...
  21. LostInSpace

    Proposal - BuyDash website: Easiest and fastest way to buy some Dash for Newcomers

    Proposal URL: Update 2017-06-01: Even though we got 415 yes votes, the 334 no votes were way too high and it seems the masternode community is not interested enough in this idea. Would have been risky, yes, but I still think we would have found a way to make...
  22. mastermined

    Hash Engineering Wallet Review

    The Dash wallet by Hash Engineering is a Dash-only wallet funded by the Dash treasury. It shows up as "Dash Wallet" in the Play Store. Features The wallet has standard send and receive features, including an address book with a copy/paste address feature (but no manual entry), as well as a...
  23. JZA

    Documentation on the wiki for 12.0

    Wonder if there is dedicated documentation for new features to the dash server including: instantsendnotify zmqpubhashtxlock zmqpubrawtxlock I am researching these features, and would like to know how they are worked out.
  24. JZA

    InstantSend from the CLI

    Wonder how to send InstantSend from the command line. I have search through the wiki and only could come with something that might be outdated. The following command line argument guide list it as: InstantX options: -enableinstantx=<n> Enable instantx, show confirmations for locked...
  25. HashEngineering

    DASH Block Explorers with InstantSend

    Today, various members were chatting at the Digital Cash Slack in the support and tech channel about Dash N Drink and getting various apps that have the ability to use InstantSend. One such app mentioned was Jaxx. After going to their website and finding their source code listing to be rather...