1. M

    Transaction not working using insight-api-dash

    Hello I am new to Dash and implementing transaction functionality where the user can send dash from one address to another address. As a developer i am using insight-api-dash api for it. I am unable to perform this task as i am very new to this dash. Please help me out . It will be great help...
  2. B

    Problem about showing initial accounts/transactions info in dash-insight

    For example, account: Xo9UzA2B7yyEhsrQZyFPGCTuFbNGKgHkPU tx: e0028eb9648db56b1ac77cf090b99048a8007e2bb64b68f092c03c7f56a662c7 Dash-insight showed no historical records about it. But if use Dash block explorer, we can search it. Any idea?
  3. ec1warc1

    Cannot get Insight Blockchain Explorer to Install

    I have tried installing Insight for Dash on three versions of Linux: Centos 6, Ubuntu 16, Debian 7 - all 64 bit systems. I get lots and lots of different compile errors.... some go flying by during the install, and others kill the install process. So, where am I going wrong? Is there a...