1. C

    Humanity One - A Global Investment Community “ The Power of One”

    Humanity One is a GLOBAL INVESTMENT COMMUNITY that invests in Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies on behalf of its members. We are a collective of Individuals who either want to start investing are already investing or are considered an expert in the NEW ECONOMY. Humanity one leverages...
  2. M

    Total solution for ICO.

    Hi, I am looking for a complete ICO solution service or software, with - Token creation, - Wallet, - Landing page, - Payment gateway, - Affiliate system (multilevel); Pls suggest me, i m newbie.
  3. Eugene

    Timbercoin ICO

    TIMBERCOIN - 首創結合單板層積木材(LVL)、交錯層壓木材(CLT)及智能綠屋(SGH) 之加密貨幣。 我們提供結合三個簡單步驟—條款、預算及品質之解決方案 此計畫將準時完成 文檔及三步驟預算之監控 符合英國BREEM及美國LEED之規定 什麼是TimberCoin? TIMBERCOIN 是一項基於Ethereum 平台之投資基金。參與者可以藉由販售智能綠屋產品的方式獲取收入 。 單板層積木材(LVL)、交錯層壓木材(CLT)及智能綠屋(SGH)等產品的實踐,可以確保投資人在本公司顧客持續成長的需求中穩健的獲利。...
  4. dashofpepper

    [ANN] [ICO] Chelle Coin (CHL) ICO Dates & Information

    Hey guys and gals, Recently I posted about crypto governance here on Dash. Something very relevant to having clear rules and agreements in place is real estate deals. Naturally, this brings me to think about the various real estate cryptocurrencies and projects out there. Here's an exciting one...
  5. SociBit

    [ANN] SociBit Mining App |Mining Become Easier Than Ever

    SociBit| Information Based Rewarding Platform | Inter-Exchange Trading Platform socibit.com exchange.socibit.com Mine SOB coin while Texting For the First Time In Crypto World Introduce Text Mining for Community SociBit is launching the first Social app for mining where any body can...
  6. I


    Blockchain Solutions in its finest: learn about Digital Shopping Global and Shopping Coin digital asset! Digital Shopping Global presented its utility token; ShoppingCoin as well as the use case and technical platform for said asset 6 weeks ago. Which earmarked the token sale and the airdrop...
  7. E

    MasternodeInvest ICO, the first italian ICO in masternode environment

    MASTERNODE SHARE TOKEN: THE PROJECT Masternode Share is the largest common masternode operation in the world; is a project designed to allow anyone to finance and participate in the creation of joint masternodes and receive a monthly income proportional to the tokens in their possession, even...
  8. Wilmar Toro

    Lituania crea directrices favorables para las criptomonedas

    Lituania crea directrices favorables para las criptomonedas Lituania, el estado europeo, ha revelado recientemente los “Lineamientos para ICOs”, las cuales son las directrices completas que describen las regulaciones tanto para las criptomonedas como para las ICOs en el país. El informe cubre...
  9. Wilmar Toro

    La SEC aclara las regulaciones sobre las criptomonedas, ubicando a Dash en una posición única

    La SEC aclara las regulaciones sobre las criptomonedas, ubicando a Dash en una posición única El presidente de la Comisión de Seguridad e Intercambios (SEC, por sus siglas en inglés) de los Estados Unidos, Jay Clayton, aclaró aún más la diferencia entre las ICO y las criptomonedas. Clayton...
  10. dashofpepper

    Pre-ICO of Faythe Coins (TTP & FYE Tokens)

    You can read more about the Trent EVO Blockchain tokens, distribution, Roadmap, White Paper, ICO etc. on the Faythe website at https://faythe.io The Faythe Telegram group is at https://t.me/faythetalk Here is Faythe’s mission as seen on the interwebz: “We are an anonymous decentralized...
  11. Wilmar Toro

    Operación Cripto-Barrido investigaría las inversiones en criptomonedas

    Operación Cripto-Barrido investigaría las inversiones en criptomonedas Más de 40 estados de EE. UU. Y provincias canadienses conforman la AsociaciónNorteamericana de Administradores de Valores a cargo de una investigaciónrecientemente lanzada sobre “Ofertas Iniciales de Moneda fraudulentas...
  12. O


    WHO IS ORS? The ORS Group is a software company of more than 100 IT developers and scientists. It boasts over 20 years of experience in delivering sophisticated A.I.-based optimization software solutions to a large international client base. Their new product, the Hypersmart Contracts provide...
  13. C


    BASIC PROJECT INFORMATION - CoinJanitor is a community-driven project that aims to unlock value trapped in failed coins. - With more than 4,500 cryptocurrencies in circulation, and only about 1,500 available on major exchanges, there are thousands of coins that are holding value up in a way...
  14. E

    [ANN] EBANKER - Exchange & Lending Platform

    WEBSITE || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM || TELEGRAM || WHITEPAPER EBanker is a third generation exchange project with a unique referral program giving back 10% for direct referrals in Ethereum. Savings program for investors with up to 52% interest per month, supported by crypto and forex trading...
  15. W

    Google Will Ban ICO and Crypto Advertisements

    Hello Guys, Did you hear these news? Google will ban any cryptocurrency, ICO, cryptoexchange and cryptocurrency market ads. The new advertising policy conditions come into force from June 2018, Bloomberg reports. “We do not have a crystal ball to know what the future expects the market to cry...
  16. FirstCryptoETF

    First Crypto ETF to Establish DASH Masternode, Distribute Rewards as Dividends to Token Holders

    First Crypto ETF, the world’s first exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrencies, will establish a Dash masternode and distribute the rewards earned through the masternode to First Crypto ETF token holders. www.firstcryptoetf.com The masternode system is unique to Dash coin. As the second tier...
  17. L

    Maybe the next big thing in Crypto world!

    Hi. Anyone heard about MySmartProperty? They have released the MSPT which could be the next Bitcoin, can anyone tell me anything please? Here is the link for their website mysmartproperty.io. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  18. I

    ICO Schedule - Website Which Can Help You Make Better Choices While Buying ICOs

    ICOschedule, a California based company has created rating and review website of all the best ICOs available in the market. It is specifically designed to provide detailed information and help the community to invest in the trusty projects. Speaking on its launch, representative from the...
  19. timothy

    The next big ICO ?

    TELGRAM - I was searching online for some interesting things to read, and from nowhere I encountered this articles talking about a new ICO which will be created by a very famous company called "Telegram", it sounds a bit dodgy since there isnt any confirmation from the company itself, I have...
  20. C

    [ICO] [PRE-SALE] Ethereum Funding Token ICO Meets Forbes’ Criteria (And Offers Generous 100% Bonus)

    The first token that comes with pride of ownership is now available from its pre-sale with 100 percent bonus. The Ethereum Funding Token (EFT) is the first token whose proceeds will go towards a personal hardship campaign. EFT has been launched with an extremely low price of 0.10 Ethereum and is...
  21. I


    QUANTOCOIN ICO Quantocoin has developed a next-generation model for the future of financial services and digital banking. This model uses Blockchain technology along with smartphones, as well as a new kind of bio-identification system which will be used to ensure safe and secure accounts for...
  22. A

    Short Survey on a new Sushi ICO!

    Hello everyone One of the sharks in the fast food industry of sushi is thinking about running an ICO The company has published its survey, so that they can understand better the investors and find out exactly how they want to implement this idea The survey will take you only couple of...
  23. AndyEticket4

    [ANN][PRESALE][BOUNTY] Eticket4 - Event ticketing platform (Project is live!)

    Greetings Dash Forum community! Eticket4 is announcing Pre-TGE (Token Generation Event) which will start on January 30th, 2018. We seek to become the most secure blockchain-based P2P event ticket distribution and exchange platform with powerful analytical tools and an automated flexible loyalty...
  24. G

    [ANN]Your easy-access gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment is right here!

    Sphinx is an Ethereum pure utility Token, The world's first people-driven investment community. Taking the first step to bring transparency and legitimacy to the ICO market. Sphinx Token gives cryptocurrency investors an arena to work together towards a common goal. Sphinx Token's Community...
  25. icoholder

    ICOholder - Rated List of Ongoing, Upcoming and Past ICOs

    ICOholder provides detailed information and helps the community to invest in the trusty blockchain-startups. Our service contains a complete ICO list of all ongoing, upcoming and past tokens for crypto investors. The reviews have an ICO rating of investment attractiveness, information about...
  26. A

    [ANN][ICO] Coinfer - Mining diversity for everyone!

    Mining diversity for everyone Coinfer - is a project aimed on cryptomining farms construction. We plan to build a large industrial platform, the capacity of which will reach up to 2,000 farms. Further, the number of calculated capacity will be increased continuously. The capacities will be...
  27. A

    Charg Coin ICO - Initial Coin Offering & crowdshare electric vehicle charging stations

    Charg Coin utilizes blockchain technology to crowdshare electric vehicle charging stations, allowing electric vehicle drivers to rent parking and charging time from anyone who owns a Charg Station. It's easy to create your own Charg Station and it's even easier to find Charg Stations using the...


    About FluzFluz Already working product, active community and proven cash-back payouts! More than 200 cash-back partners including global top brands. (Amazon, Uber, Nike etc.) Purchases generate cash back Every purchase on the site generates reward points for the shopper and the network. You...
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    [ANN] Blockbid: 90% Reduction in Coin Supply

    Blockbid is pleased to announce that it has reduced its maximum coin supply from 30m tokens to 3m tokens. This decision has been made following investor feedback and to ensure investor confidence. This will be done by pausing the smart contract once 3m tokens are sold. As before, our soft cap...
  32. A

    [ANN][ICO][ZEUS] ⚡️ ZEUS - First EcoMining ⚡️

    ZEUS EcoCryptoMining - first building waste processing plant project which also generates electricity from waste products and uses it for mining in the world. PROBLEM Every person living on the planet "produces" about 300 kg or 1.5 m3 of waste per year. In the EU countries, about 2...
  33. A

    [ANN][ICO][ENJL] Crypto and fiat money in one wallet!

    Enjoy Life is a team of professionals who teamed up in 2014 to create a multicurrency financial platform, which consists of 5 main elements: 1. Multicurrency wallet 2. Payment system 3. Trading platform 4. Marketplace 5. Discount program Our mission is to create a...
  34. B

    [ANN] Blockbid ICO - More coins, more trades, one exchange

    Bringing Stockmarket Exchange Quality and Convenience to Cryptocurrency Trading CURRENT PROTOCOLS & ISSUES At present, cryptocurrencies are scattered across multiple exchanges, which means that users are often required to sign up to multiple platforms. This causes inconvenience and trust issues...
  35. BitcoinDoctor

    DASH-enabled ICO-like "Dokens" ... A Proposal

    I'm an urban farmer. Stable non-inflationary pricing where the currency used to pay farmers and farm hands is rising in value could revolutionize the world of local food production. Using DASH alone might accomplish these efforts, but a token specifically designed for this space with its own...
  36. mastermined

    China ICO Ban Crashes Crypto Markets, Dash China Conference Cancelled

    ICOs have been declared illegal in China, causing the cryptocurrency markets to tumble, while an upcoming Dash conference in China has been postponed. Initial coin offerings as a means of raising capital for cryptocurrency projects have risen to high levels of popularity, with the sale of...
  37. mastermined

    ICO Mania Grinds Ethereum to a Halt, Scaling Issues Not Limited to Bitcoin

    Ethereum's network has experienced extreme delays as a result of initial coin offerings (ICOs) clogging up transactions, indicating that the top two cryptocurrencies now experience scaling issues. Over the last year Bitcoin's scaling issues rose to infamy, with its block size debate and...
  38. moneytech

    MoneyTechnology. On the way to ISO

    MoneyTech is going to launch ICO on June 28, 2017. In the pre-ICO period, we plan to give information on the leading portals devoted to blockchain technologies, videoconferencing with the opportunity to ask questions in real time, as well as presentation of the company development plan and...
  39. mastermined


    ICO fever is in the air. If you don’t believe me, just have a quick glance at Twitter. The Initial Coin Offering, a method of fundraising for a blockchain project through the presale of tokens, is the increasingly popular method for generating obscene amounts of money to build new...