1. B

    please help urgent , lost funds

    its my first use , i dowloaded dash core from the official website and i sent in a transaction in after that i started the coinjoin , and i left my computer after that i comeback i found balance 0 then i tried to recover from the auto data files , it shows me the balance in and then while i...
  2. M

    Please help I need to update Dash core wallet to access funds. How can I do this?

    Hi Please can anyone tell me how I can update my Dash core wallet as it will not let me access my funds. Thank you
  3. C

    Need Help ( Dash | P2Pool )

    Hello, i setup a P2Pool whit dash. Anything seams to be run and work. But for a test i startet a Miner cpuminer-gw64-avx2 -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Xh6Z41p8a2QJdY2TP62Fe3Bic5pot332nr -p x The miner is runing on a Laptop (core i5) and CPU Mining and connected to my pool...
  4. quartzy

    Keeping the budget list forever - help?

    Are budget proposals stored in the budget.dat file forever? If not (like, if/when payments are finalized and finished) - is there any way I can store them forever? Or perhaps something I could change in masternode-budget.cpp to never remove 'expired' proposals? Please let me know, Can't seem...
  5. R

    No Block source available ? Help please

    Hi all, can someone please help with this I did the Tools > Repair Wallet > Rebuild Index. As I read in another thread. Everything seemed fine as it recalulated all the blocks from just over 4 years until 2 weeks behind then it stopped again say No Block source available. There are presently 4...
  6. J

    Did not receive mining rewards

    I have a small query. I rented 0.25 Th/s hashing power at Nicehash and pointed it to a DASH mining server. I mined for 24 hours but did not get anything in my wallet. Algorithm: X11 Pool Difficulty >=16 Stratum + tcp:// Port : 9332 Username: Xr4Xqmb2zy77z9TxzLBGEiqRe9DTys5Rpb...
  7. T

    Bitcoin sent from electrum ERROR-please help

    i am running electrum 2.6.1 and i recently sent a payment from my wallet to another location. It was left on unconfirmed for 48Hrs and then confirmed. Over 600blocks confirmed now. The payment was never revived on the other side and still says "unconfirmed" Later on my electrum wallet had...
  8. AlejandroE

    Pre-Proposal: DASH Help - Venezuela (Customer Support Center)

    ROI / BENEFITS OF THIS PROPOSAL FOR DASH: 1- Help Dash achieves its #1 goal: Our support center will convert people who don't know how to use Dash in a day to day basis, into real time users. 2- Understand user needs and solve users problems, as the #1 Dash Strategy for Growth. 3- We will be...
  9. Luis Antonio Jiménez

    ICSI for Life. Shirley and Luis Antonio

    Hi. My name is Luis Antonio, I live in Venezuela; A year ago I was diagnosed with Oligoastenozoospermia. It is a clinical condition that practically makes me an infertile man. Since then, my wife Shirley and I have tried by all clinical means to reverse that diagnosis to have the happiness of...
  10. J

    Forum, please help

    I have my DASH in the Core wallet and want to move some to an exchange (Kraken). I can't find the functionality on the wallet other than to another DASH address. Can anyone help me please?
  11. ishop

    Экспорт приватных ключей из Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering

    Может кто знает, как можно экспортировать необходимые данные (приватные ключи, совместимую seed-фразу) из мобильного кошелька Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering для добавления в Dash Electrum?