1. Comodore

    HCPP Vision and road of Dash Evolution

    Hi, I would like to give presentation on HCPP (end of september) conference and to have one meetup in PP (late August/early September - Paralelní Polis in Prague) , but I would like to have as much of information as possible. I am checking github daily, but we are still having old version of...
  2. Comodore

    Proposal: HCPP Conference in Prague and preparation for it with meetup in August

    Continuation of https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/pre-proposal-cz-sk-strategic-promotion-of-dash-before-hcpp-conference-in-prague.9907/. I am fully covering translations and conference in relation to received feedback. Thanks to the soon to be published GreyHost's materials I will be able to...