hash engineering

  1. AgnewPickens

    Dash Repo Roundup Mar 13-Mar 19 2019

    The really big news this week for Dash is that the Evolution libraries on Github are starting to go public. We finally get to take a peek at what DCG has been working on for so long. You can look at all the public repos at this link: https://github.com/dashevo 47 public repositories, which...
  2. Acedian

    Hash Engineering Dash Wallet

    I am looking for a bit of information on this Android wallet. Firstly, is the wallet hierarchical deterministic? If not, how many addresses are backed up if I back up the wallet when I first install it? (No payments received yet) Secondly, is it essential to encrypt my phone to protect the...
  3. mastermined

    Hash Engineering Wallet Review

    The Dash wallet by Hash Engineering is a Dash-only wallet funded by the Dash treasury. It shows up as "Dash Wallet" in the Play Store. Features The wallet has standard send and receive features, including an address book with a copy/paste address feature (but no manual entry), as well as a...