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    The HardFork team has come an extremely long way in the past twelve months. This time last year we had just wrapped up the filming of our teaser trailer. Doug Karr was making magic in post production and the rest of the team was preparing for our trailer debut in Lisbon, Portugal. A few weeks...
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    July HardFork Series Update

    Here's a little update on the HardFork Series Team this last period. Along with our daily creative development routine over video chat and one-on-one meetings the HardFork writing team did some DASHing around New York and got some fantastic in-person writing done during Eric Vance Walton’s...
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    DASH Making News Down Under!

  4. hardfork-series

    HardFork Series Update!

    It’s been a very exciting few weeks for the HardFork team! With Eric in New York City for the last two weeks we’ve spent some amazingly productive creative time working on the series. The development is coming along beautifully as we enrich the project in manifold directions. Doug, Eric, and...
  5. Eric Walton

    Introducing HardFork Series Team Member - Eric Vance Walton

    We’ve seen the future. Dash are the pioneers. Today, inequality is unprecedented. Power is concentrated. Our potential seems limited. Yet the self-proclaimed masters of mankind have vastly underestimated our ingenuity. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have the potential to transform...
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    HardFork DASH Proposal: We Want Your Feedback

    [email protected], one of our actors and crew members, wanted to to introduce herself to you all. Check out this video [email protected] asked us to help her make, and be sure to leave us some comments: We also updated our proposal on Dash Central to give a better idea of ROI. If you have any questions about...
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    HardFork Series

    Hello Dash Community! HardFork team here, we are really excited to say we have launched our proposal on Dash Central! https://www.dashcentral.org/p/DASHToSponsor-PremiereBlockchainSeries Writer/Director Doug Karr wanted to introduce himself and the proposal to you all and made a little video...
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    Introducing HardFork: The First Narrative Blockchain Series

    Hello Dash Community, We are the HardFork series team, the first television series and game focused on the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and we are happy to be here with you all. HardFork is a crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow...