1. Dashmaximalist

    Getfreedash daily stats

    I didn't realize that there this forum where we could talk about approved proposals. so here are our daily stats in that case :) Sign-ups dropped because of non-payment for 5 days from Feb 27-Mar5 in the past for lack of funds Site was down Jan 14-28 for various upgrades Site was down Feb...
  2. Dashmaximalist

    75,000 users and counting , next stop 1 million users if you support us

    Getfreedash just crossed 75,000 users its a historic moment for us and its a big moment for dash adoption in Venezuela. we have bought more people to dash in venezuela than probably all the other proposals combined and we are just getting started :) But we don't want to stop here , we want to...
  3. A

    getfreedash pay?

    Greetings, I would like to know if the getfreedash page continues paying and is active since I have not received any payment for more than a week so I do not continue spending my time on it. Greetings. Xf76RJqSq7MCVZ3F4DmxxYa8YdhbZN5XBL
  4. Dashmaximalist

    170 youtube videos are promoting getfreedash , this is the definition of going viral

    super thrilled to inform that there are about 170 videos that are promoting getfreedash now all those who are concerned about fraud and hackers , hackers don't make and promote on youtube they simply hack sites like in the...
  5. Dashmaximalist

    Getfreedash for Nigeria, Kenya , India and others at $2 per user, looking for partners to join me

    hi guys First of all thanks for your wonderful support for Getfreedash for venezuela , it feels really wonderful to see getfreedash go viral in venezuela we want to carry forward this momentum to other countries where cyptocurrency adoption is pretty high. Our new plan is to roll out an...
  6. Dashmaximalist

    Thanks everyone for passing Getfreedash , here are the daily stats

    hi everyone Thanks for helping Getfreedash pass the proposal, especially those who donated/loaned dash to us. at Getfreedash , we hope to be as transparent and as up-to-date as possible so we will publish numbers on a regular basis starting from today. let me know if you are looking for some...
  7. Dashmaximalist

    Maduro in his selfishness is triggering a golden era for cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

    if you have not know this news , Maduro the president of Venezuela has declared petro to be used across various govt backed industries in Venezuela , along with this hes also said any cryptocurrencies to be usable across private businesses, this is an absolute game changer even bigger than what...