1. B

    My Vision for the Future of Dash

    Here is my vision for Dash: We use treasury funds to build a healthy growing community of developer/entrepreneurs who risk their own capital or get their own financing in an attempt to profitably provide value to the network. If the value provided by that group exceeds the cost to build it, Dash...
  2. MrWilliamChui

    What Do MNOs Look For When Voting?

    When what is drawing up a proposal what are the key elements that they need to touch on that will help an MNO make a better decision to cast a vote? Things I can think of are: 1. How much funding does this project need? 2. When do they need this money? Items I don't seem to see emphasis on are...
  3. Alexey Danilin

    Радио+1: мощный, круглосуточный инструмент для умного продвижения DASH, не имеющий аналогов.

    42 человека будут работать для вас на разных языках - профессиональные журналисты, редакторы, ведущие и технические специалисты, имеющие многолетний опыт работы в федеральных и региональных СМИ в России и мире, а также запуска с нуля и выведения в TOП информационных и развлекательных...
  4. B

    Blockchain Library

    deleted (old)