1. TaoOfSatoshi

    Voices of Dash Nation | Ivan Ubikalo | Dash and mass adoption

    Dash Nation contributor Ivan Ubikalo opines about Dash and why its seemingly set up for mass adoption.
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | ‘What is Cryptocurrency?’ with Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor

    Are you new to the world of digital currency? You've sure come to the right place! In a video treat, Cash Alternative TV's Brian Davis provides the questions and Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor provides the answers for anyone who would like to know about this exciting industry. Please enjoy.
  3. jschmucke

    Venezuelan Society of FinTech and new technologies

    Good to all subscribers I am new to this forum but I am writing to tell you that we have met in Venezuela some people involved in the blockchain and fintech community, and we have created the "Venezuelan Society of FinTech and new technologies" with an innovative system of governance for the...
  4. jschmucke

    Sociedad Venezolana de FinTech y nuevas tecnologías

    Buenas a todos los suscriptores Soy nuevo en este foro pero le escribo para darle la noticia que nos hemos reunido en Venezuela algunas personas involucradas en la comunidad blockchain y fintech, y asi hemos creado la “Sociedad Venezolana de FinTech y nuevas tecnologías” con un innovador...
  5. Alexey Danilin

    PLUS1RADIO Updates + News

    We thank DASH - digital cash community for the approval of our proposal, we will always remember your support, and strive to become a competent official media and community partner, and all projects friendly to the community, including all budget proposals. We do not earn on partners! We earn...
  6. Alexey Danilin

    ACTIVE PROPOSAL: FinTech online radio R+1 which is promote the benefits of DASH

    Hello everyone, DASH community! Here is our project presentation: Russian version [ENG subtitles | Full video ]. PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
  7. K

    [PRE-PROPOSAL] Koodaa: Start, manage and finance your SME with Dash.

    Hello Dash folks, We are Koodaa, a London-based financial technology startup aiming to make it tremendously easy to start and manage a business using only your smartphone, and ensure sufficient liquidity despite long invoice payout cycles. Our main product is a mobile/web application which...