1. Pete - DashCrypto

    Watch episode 1 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Fees."

    Watch episode 1 of the Dash vs. Other Cryptos campaign! "Dash vs. Bitcoin — Fees." https://dashcrypto.org/campaigns/dash-vs-other-cryptos-campaign/ep1-dash-vs-bitcoin-fees
  2. N

    Question about the fees on dash

    I saw in my ledger wallet that the fee is 0.02$ per transaction sometimes more 0.04$. what happened with bitcoin is when the price raised up the fees raised up as well because 0.001 btc is much more in USD now (10$++) my question about dash is if dash will get a 100B market cap (now it's...
  3. Plateglassarmour

    *Updated* When the minimum price of a transaction rises above 1 cent, should we lower the the fee?

    When the minimum price of an average transaction rises above 1 cent, should we lower the transaction fee? First Pre-proposal here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/the-cost-of-a-transaction-should-be-lowered-again.21292/ YES: (I think that we should attempt to keep transaction fees below 1...
  4. Plateglassarmour

    The cost of a transaction should be lowered again.

    Proposal: So, now that we are sitting at $1000 or more per Dash, the cost of a transaction is creeping up again. I think that the minimum cost of a transaction should be lowered another order of magnitude at the next software release. At the moment, the average minimum fee using the Dash core...
  5. mastermined

    BItcoin ABC Lead Dev: 2017 Is the First Year with Negative Bitcoin Merchant Adoption

    Bitcoin’s merchant adoption has actually gone down this year, according to the Bitcoin ABC lead developer. In an episode of BitTopia, Amaury Séchet mentioned Bitcoin merchant adoption and its present status. He sees a decline in adoption in 2017, with more and more merchants formerly...
  6. mastermined

    Bitcoin Cash Passes Early-August Bitcoin Transactions, Fees Remain Low

    he Bitcoin Cash network is currently processing more transactions than Bitcoin did early August at exceptionally low fees, providing a vindication of the big-block scaling approach. Bitcoin Cash, which forked off of the main Bitcoin chain at the beginning of the month, processed a high of...
  7. mastermined

    How the Top Digital Currencies’ Fees Measure Up

    When looking for an efficient payment system, one of the most important factors is how cheaply value can be transferred to another party, namely fees. Early Bitcoin boasted fees much lower than any traditional payment method, and many coins still maintain a commitment to this vision. Here are...
  8. Wilmar Toro

    Attractive, Sustainable and Stable Transaction Fees

    It is not necessary to make an extensive explanation of the snowball that has developed in relation to the network of Bitcoin and the effects that it produces in the way of handling the transactions. Fees have been increased as a way to "accelerate" a transaction, which ultimately increases the...
  9. Acedian

    Refund Proposal Fee.

    For governance questions and failed proposals, I feel that the proposal fee should be refunded if the question/proposal was sensible. An example; "Reduce Proposal Fees to 1 Dash" looks like it will fail, yet has had close to equal "Yes" and "No" votes. I don't think anyone wants the proposer to...
  10. Acedian

    Reduction Of Proposal Fee To 0.1 Dash (Proposal)

    An active proposal is looking to reduce the proposal fee to 0.1 Dash. Here is the DashCentral link: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/Reduce_proposal_fees_to_dot1_DASH Please read and vote if you are a masternode owner. I am not the proposer, I would just like to spread the word. The proposal...
  11. Acedian

    Reduction in proposal fee to 1 Dash (Pre-Proposal)

    With regard to the current USD price of Dash, I think the proposal fee should be reduced to 1 Dash. Without this change, I feel that opportunities will be missed. This is because a high proposal cost will discourage submitting of anything but "guaranteed" proposals. The 5 Dash fee was...
  12. J

    EVOLUTION SUGGESTION: Twin wallet account for transaction fees

    Hi, I would like to suggest the developers a feature for the new Evolution which can make the difference between any other criptocurrency. Abstract: Do you remember some years ago, the standard banking charged everyone fees for wire transfers. If you wanted to pay 50 € you endup paying 50.50 €...
  13. ec1warc1

    The costs to use Dash

    I came to the realization today that an instant send costs USD $0.40, which seems rather high if we want to attract users. A basic transaction from the core wallet using the "recommended" setting now costs USD $0.08. Furthermore, the cost to submit a proposal is now $500. Is that right? The...