1. cazlutz

    Zero-Fee PrivateSends observed in the network. Have I Found a Hidden Feature?? Can someone explain??

    I have found multiple instances where there were 0 DASH/kB for private send transactions. Is this a hidden feature? I thought masternodes charged a mandatory fee of 0.0125 DASH per mixing round, correct? I observed PrivateSends in multiple blocks with the 1000DASH denomination where there were...
  2. D

    pool.darkcoin.io pool fee

    Hi there, for my records i need to know the pool fee from the named darkcoin pool back there. i guess there are not recordings from that time? But someone surely knows the exact amount of the pool fees used? So if a earned 10XPM and the pool fee was 5% it would mean that a actually earned...
  3. D

    darkcoin pool fee back there

    Hi there and hello world! (1st posting) not sure where to post it so i put in into off topic. If it belongs somewhere else, an admin may move it? Thanks! I was mining xcoin back there in 2014 using the darkcoin pool. Now i need some information to clean some things up but the pools closed...
  4. hugep3n15

    WTT Dash for Paypal - 10% fee

    Title says it all. Currently available 77 Dash.
  5. amanda_b_johnson

    Time to lower PrivateSend fee, pretty please -- it's up to ~$6 USD!

    Hey, all. And especially @UdjinM6 and his Core development crew. As you already know (this is for the benefit of anyone who doesn't), sending a PrivateSend transaction (the automated kind, not the manual-select kind) rounds up the send amount to the nearest 0.01 Dash. That's now ~$6.27 USD...
  6. Wilmar Toro

    Preproposal - Dash Fund

    Dash Fund I really like the sentence “less is more”, so I´m going to show you this in the simplest way possible: I saw some proposals trying to change the Proposal fee of 5 to 1 or 0.1 Dash, an adaptative fee proposal, even a sub DAO (or Sub-budget). Not successful. The objective is one: help...