exchange listing

  1. Darvy

    DASH Added To New Crypto Trading App from Co-Founder Of UBER - $25 Worth Of Dash FREE!

    Nice! "So what's the big deal? Why did the team behind Voyager think there's room for another cryptocurrency trading platform? Their promise of no fees, and lower prices on the coins themselves. They're doing it by connecting to several exchanges at once, any time a user makes a purchase...
  2. D

    DynX - New BitShares Decentralised Exchange with a Good oportunity for DASH!

    Hello, Today we have pre launched DynX. The image bellow will describe our project: Why is this relevant for DASH? The 4th base pair of DynX will be decided in a online poll where all everyone is invited to vote for their favorite project. The winner will be listed as a base pair. if...
  3. Samurai33

    The situation in Japan

    Dear Dash Community Members, I am a masternode owner residing in Japan, and I have been investing in Dash since March of last year. I'm writing because I wanted you to know that Dash is facing a difficult situation in Japan. Because I'm not great with English, I have had this text translated...
  4. Acedian

    Dash on Bitstamp?

    Due to its reputation I like to use Bitstamp. The only draw back is that I have to go DASH > LTC > Exchange (LTC for low tx fee). Do yo think we could lobby Bitstamp to add Dash? How should we go about this? Every exchange that adds Dash increases our reputation and exposure.
  5. DashDude

    [pre-proposal] Exchange Listing Incentive Program

    Problem Statement: DASH is more difficult to buy than Bitcoin or Ethereum due to being listed on fewer exchanges and with fewer fiat on/off ramps. This program provides incentives to exchanges to help close this gap. Proposal Description and Goal: The purpose of this program is to make DASH...