1. hugep3n15

    [WTS] Few Hundo Dash for BTC/ETH/XRM or XLM @ Market +/- 0% - Currently 95.11$

    As the title says I'd like some different cryptos. Why not use an exchange? Because of fees. This way I exchange at market price - avoiding the deposit/exchange/withdrawal fees.
  2. A

    Token As A Service - I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK - [BrandTokens]

    Hello, guys! Have you ever heard of BrandTokens? I have recently been told about them alongside their service by a close friend of mine who is used to be experienced in stuff like that. So, basically, I need feedback of them alongside their activity from those who have a solid knowledge...
  3. G

    ElectroShop Offering Products To Pay With Bitcoin and others cryptocurrency !

    The Electroshop Store at electroshop .io Take a look around. You Will find a huge selection of Electronic Products including computers, appliances, cell phones, Video Games Gadgets and much more. And you can use your Bitcoin or other Crypto currencies to purchase with. And as a bonus...