1. W

    Fork Error: Segmentation Fault on Compile

    I'm attempting to fork DASH. I changed chainparams.cpp file to match me generated genesis blocks (for Mainnet, Testnet, and Regtestnet), but on compile, I always seem to get this curious segmentation fault error. In file included from /usr/include/c++/7/bits/move.h:54:0, from...
  2. V

    Problem with range slider when updating Dash from 0.39 to 0.43. Still works in 0.39.

    After upgrading from Dash version 0.39 to 0.43, an error message appears and it does not seem to make any sense. When I run my code with version 0.43 and 0.42, the below error message appears. This does not occur with neither Dash version 0.39 0.40 or 0.41. Version 0.42 is when error messages...
  3. M

    Trying to compile a wallet with gitian but i am getting a error help please.

    So i was following a guide on the forum. I am doing it on ubuntu 14 and trying to use gitian builder but i am getting this error any help would be great --- Building for trusty amd64 --- Stopping target if it is up Making a new image copy qemu-img: target-trusty-amd64.qcow2: Could not open...
  4. Q

    ccminer: unspecified launch failure

    Hey, everyone. I tried to launch a ccminer one day on my laptop for fun, with following configuration: ccminer -t 1 -a x11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u XwCR7mQmzJks9tzmwXJeRCawCwo2vWxA48 -p x As a result, after a couple of seconds I ger an error: Cuda error in func...
  5. JasonHan

    Can't leave a trade feedback... Moderator please help!

    Hi, So, for some reason, I can't leave a feedback to @mrearthbound... We just finished off our trade and he is happy with the new Giant he got but the feedback window gives an error saying I need to select the valid trading thread. The first one I got had the same issue but when I tried a...
  6. D

    Retrieving my Coins from a not working wallet

    Hi guys, I have already posted the basic problem here: Since nobody was able to help me, I would like to know if there is any way to retrieve Coins I have already sent there. David
  7. D

    My wallet is not connecting to the Dash network

    Hello, Since I installed the official Dash Core Wallet, I havent got a connection to the network, it sais "0 active connections to Dash network". I have already checked my Firewall, and marked it as safe. That didn´t help though. Can someBODY please help me? David (sorry for the overused...
  8. DanyDee

    Proposal problem: Governance object is not valid

    Hi! I try create proposal in here In the last step , when you insert the generated code in the wallet : Error: Governance object is not valid - c21ac28269c03b71b6bcb7341ef804443fc247d5ed7315c8d7c5ced1cb6266d1 - Couldn't find opReturn...