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  1. TaoOfSatoshi

    De Minimis Crypto Tax Exemption - Why It's Huge For Dash!

    There is a bill that has been introduced to the US Congress with bi-partisan support that would see the capital gains tax eliminated on smaller purchases (a gain under $200). This is important news for the whole cryptocurrency space, to be sure, but why is it even more important for Dash? Find...
  2. Mark Mason

    Dash Documentary Production Receives Green Light

    Dash Documentary Production Receives Green Light The Dash network has funded the production of a Dash documentary. In a recent budget proposal passed 923 Yes / 364 No / 22 Abstain, a trio of filmmakers has received funding from the Dash network to create the first feature-length documentary...
  3. Mark Mason

    Dash Bug Bounty Program by BugCrowd Proposal Update

    Dash Bug Bounty Program by BugCrowd Proposal Update As a successful open source digital currency project Dash has the responsibility to be very secure. While perfection is impossible trying very hard is important. There are a number of high profile “bugs” that have impacted investors in...
  4. Mark Mason

    Masternode Tools Proposals Review

    Masternode Tools Proposals Review Masternode owners vote for Dash treasury funding proposals. Those that pass get funded. So it makes sense that tools which help manage masternodes would be popular. Dash Masternode Tool In the last cycle one of the proposals with the highest net votes was...
  5. Julin GYS

    News about Dash cryptocurrency

    Good time of day, Dear Friends! I am Julin GYS, - Producer of the « World Of Internet Business » channel. In this conversation I’ll show you video news on Dash cryptocurrency, and also provide you with other interesting and useful information on this digital money. Why exactly Dash? Because...
  6. Mark Mason

    Debit Card Proposal Reviews

    Debit Card Proposal Reviews The Dash Treasury has funded 3 different debit cards none of which are currently available to residents of the United States. Read more:
  7. Mark Mason

    My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q2 Conference Call - Dash Force News

    My Big Takeaways from Dash Core Team Q2 Conference Call - Dash Force News The Dash Core team recently released their quarterly summary call, linked above. It’s approximately an hour and a half, and while I’d recommend the hardcore Dash fan/investor to listen to the entire thing, it is kind of...
  8. Wilmar Toro

    Attractive, Sustainable and Stable Transaction Fees

    It is not necessary to make an extensive explanation of the snowball that has developed in relation to the network of Bitcoin and the effects that it produces in the way of handling the transactions. Fees have been increased as a way to "accelerate" a transaction, which ultimately increases the...
  9. UndocumentedHuman

    For the Community

    First there was Jackalope then... The Making of the Dash Mobile and finally... The Dash Mobile Debut Our mission: Connect individuals who accept Crypto with the Dash Network and teach new users how to open a Dash wallet. Proposal: Dash Mobile at "For the Community" in Houston Texas...