1. boniman

    Catastrophic mining difficulty on pools. What will be in November?

    Something catastrophic is happening... My iBeLink DM11 mines 0.08 Dash per day. The mining difficulty increased up to 4.5 millions value. What will be in November with the new batch of Antminer D3? Will Dash's currency increase due to the increasing of the mining difficulty?
  2. J

    Difficulty correlation to market price

    My buddies and I just bought our first D3 Antminer:) We are all total noobs and have some questions: Does the Dash price correlate to the difficulty? Does this apply to all crypto or x11? I would imagine that the if the price of Dash goes up then so does the difficulty (and we see this...
  3. M

    Dash difficulty forecast

    What are your thoughts about DSH difficulty in October - November?
  4. ourlink

    Impact of ASIC's on Dash difficulty

    I just thought I would share this visual image of what is happening with the Network Difficulty... Oh, how I long for the good old days before ASIC machine for X11 came about...