1. mastermined

    How Dash Governance Incentivizes Prudent Decision-Making

    A big hot-topic in the cryptocurrency world is governance, who gets to make the decisions to run the network. This question is so important that it split Ethereum in two, and threatens to do the same to Bitcoin this year. A well-structured decision-making process is essential to the long-term...
  2. mastermined

    Dash Treasury Review Committee Master Thread

    I wanted to create this thread to bring together all the competing/similar review committee type proposals into one neutral thread for discussion. The goal is to provide a place where we can hash out the best ideas and get some collaboration between all parties involved. All the various...
  3. mastermined

    Dash Gets Theatrical With Circus City Sponsorship

    The Dash network is set to fund a sponsorship for Circus City, the first cryptocurrency-sponsored major cultural and artistic event in the United Kingdom. Circus City is a circus and performance arts festival occurring in Bristol every other year. The Dash treasury proposal will be used to...