1. xkcd

    Development hell: A case study

    As you are no doubt aware, the devs over at DCG are still working on delivering Evolution with no end to sight in the development and constant delays, failed deadlines and broken promises, confidence in the team is completely shattered and DCG's approval rating is falling off a cliff once more...
  2. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Evolution System Architecture

    This diagram was posted by Andy Freer on the Dash Developer Discord. It shows how the flow of Evolution works, from the end user to the Dash network. What do you think? I for one can't wait to get this purring engine on mainnet.
  3. TaoOfSatoshi

    Which of Dash's many attributes excites you the most?

    Consider this the first post I will make under a new initiative to visit the Dash Forum more often. Please consider joining me and making a couple of posts a day to show that we are actually alive and contributing to the project. Let's not have the majority of our interactions in a place...
  4. TaoOfSatoshi

    Renaming PrivateSend Discussion - In response to the 2020 Q4 Conference Call

    Please consider this a thread to discuss options when it comes to the renaming of PrivateSend. I will reiterate my longstanding position on this. Since PS doesn't adequately represent the action of Dash Mixing, it only serves to confuse newcomers, IMO. This is my solution. The action of mixing...
  5. F

    Dash announces new update, social payment wallet enters testnet

    Dash Core Group has announced the release of new updates for the Dash platform as well as the DashPay smartphone wallet app. Dash has moved development work on the v0.17 update of its platform to the testnet phase, according to an announcement released on Wednesday. Back in July 2020...
  6. TaoOfSatoshi

    Dash Platform v0.12 Released! (Bonus DashPay Wallet Demo)

    Development on Dash Platform has been ramping up lately with the Dash Core Group committing to releasing new versions at least every six weeks. The latest version, 0.12, has now been released. See what to expect in this new version here. Also, see the latest Dash Platform username demo presented...
  7. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | 11 Ways Dash Is Building The Most Complete Cryptocurrency Experience

    In a recent interview with TruthRaiderHQ, Christopher (Tao) listed some reasons why Dash has the most complete cryptocurrency experience. After this interview, he realized that this would make a great stand-alone episode. So, here it is, the many ways that Dash is building the most complete...
  8. TaoOfSatoshi

    CATV | Community criticisms of Dash amid CoinMarketCap slide

    Dash's community has for the most part remained relatively positive during this long, relentless bear market. Recently, though, some cracks have started to appear. Christopher (Tao) takes a look at the top three criticisms he's hearing and debates whether or not they are actually valid in...
  9. TaoOfSatoshi

    [CATV] Understanding Dash Platform and Chain: Expert Followup

    In this second of the two part "Understanding Dash Platform and Chain" series, Christopher (Tao) poses some deeper questions to Dash Core group members about the technicals and economic aspects of Dash Platform and its workings.
  10. TaoOfSatoshi

    Got questions about Dash Platform? Post them on Reddit and I will ask them on CATV!

    Cash Alternative TV will be doing a live interview with two Dash Core Group members to discuss Dash Platform and how it will benefit Dash. This live interview with Dana Alibrandi and Ivan Shumkov will take place on Thursday, October 31st, at 4:00PM UTC. Here is the link to the YouTube page so...
  11. T

    Chatbot for predicting crypto prices on a messenger – good idea?

    Offtopic. Just wanted to share news about a messenger releasing a chatbot for making bets on crypto rates. The messenger calls ‘ADAMANT‘, dash has posted about it recently. Now I was betting through the chat with ADM on future BTC price, as it is like the only possibility to make a bet now. But...
  12. HeyMichael

    This week at Dash Core Group:

    Core v0.13 DIP3 locked in; BLS in DAPI; DPP prep for opensource; Auto InstantSend in iOS coded; Android connected to DAPI Dash Core v0.13 DIP3 (Deterministic Masternode List) locked in; will activate in ~1 week Compiled BLS library to allow for signing using BLS in DAPI Cleaning up Dash...
  13. JZA

    Facebook messenger bot for Dash commerce

    For a while I have tried to get DASH and crypto to be used more by the masses, lately I have tried to research mainstream apps that million of people use on daily basis. Facebook is one of those specially built for commerce. Facebook messenger bots have been around for a while and I think this...
  14. quartzy

    Keeping the budget list forever - help?

    Are budget proposals stored in the budget.dat file forever? If not (like, if/when payments are finalized and finished) - is there any way I can store them forever? Or perhaps something I could change in masternode-budget.cpp to never remove 'expired' proposals? Please let me know, Can't seem...
  15. quartzy

    Are budget proposals stored forever?

    Are budget proposals stored in the budget.dat file forever? If not (like, if/when payments are finalized and finished) - is there any way I can store them forever? Or perhaps something I could change in masternode-budget.cpp to never remove 'expired' proposals? Please let me know, Have an idea...
  16. JZA

    Relacionandonos con desarrolladores

    Uno de los hitos que se quiere lograr es mas eventos para desarrolladores (Hackathons) y creo que algo importante es poder tener una mejor coordinacion con los desarroladores actuales de DASH para producir material relacionado con el desarrollo. Quiero exhortar a la comunidad en poder tener...
  17. Lance Lan

    Pre-Proposal: Magento - Develop, maintain and promote a DASH Integration for Magento Shops

    Payments: 2 Payments Payment Adress (DASH): XdhKC2Ync6tSAiz22Rd7jGiCwKtNKR3yaa Payment Amount: 2x 400 DASH DATE: 2018-05-09 AMOUNT REQUESTED: 400/400 (6-month engagement) This proposal is a second draft that already took its first round of feedback from the DASH Core Team (thank you...
  18. Chuck Williams

    Front-end Team Evolution Demo Video #1

    Hello everyone! @Chuck Williams here and I'm sharing our very first full-stack-mock-prototype demo of Evolution! Enjoy and leave comments or questions here. Thanks to Joshua Seigler, @AndyDark , @coingun & @jeffh for their contributions.
  19. JZA

    Use Webchannels for Qt

    Is it possible to add UI for DASH proposals voting interface as well as Submitting proposals using WebChannels? This would improve the UX on adding and voting on proposals without using the CLI.
  20. Q

    Development todo lists

    Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I am in the good section but I was wondering if you guys have some public todo lists with different tasks regarding development. I'd like to start to help with the development but I don't really know where to start so I would like to explore the code while doing...
  21. Dworf

    Zeronet, Openbazaar & market places

    Like all applications, DASH need a big community to rise its value. Market places are naturally the best way to use a currency. But Eb*y and Ama*on even do not accept Bitcoin for payments - not to talk about DASH. There were some discussions about a Openbazaar fork for DASH support. But since OB...
  22. JZA

    Odoo (OpenERP) extension to manage DASH

    This is a very early pre-proposal about building an extension for Odoo (OpenERP), which is an Open Source (LGPLv3) license. Odoo is built on Python, and includes a POS which makes it easier for businesses to implement and integrate with crypto currencies such as DASH. The plugin will include the...
  23. JZA

    Dash Wiki not very wiki-esque

    Hi people I wonder why the DASH wiki has most of the content on PDF files. I was hoping wikis to be more interactive documenation with comments and also modular information that can be deep linked. Also there doesnt seem much info on the DASH API, any reason?
  24. kot

    May 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    Dear Community members, It is my pleasure to give you a report of the Dash core team progress. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of May, grouped by the four strategic areas for 2016. Software Development Dash core wallet - version 12.x (lead...