1. demo

    Which masternodes voted and what exactly voted on various proposals.

    YOU CAN WATCH ONLINE THE SCRIPT's RESULTS OVER HERE: In this thread I will post the IP addresses of the masternodes and what they voted on various proposals. Each message post will be dedicated to a monthly superblock, so expect more messages in this thread...
  2. demo

    Pre-Proposal: Dash to fund the book "Design for an e-Democracy"

    @Pietro Speroni, a scientist who investigates e-democracy writes a book. This book wants to be both a collection of tools needed to design an eDemocracy, as well as a set of problems where the reader is invited to apply those tools to try to solve some real world problems, as well as Pietro's...
  3. demo

    Pre-Proposal: Would you like to be able to vote with number?

    This is a question to all masternode owners. In the budget system you are allowed to vote only by using a yes or a no. Would you like to be able to cast a vote using numbers, into specially designed for that purpose polls? The result of the vote is extracted by calculating the average of all...