decentralised decision making

  1. DeepBlue

    07 - Decentralized Decision Making: Vetting proposal owners before they get funding

    This post will explain the importance of vetting proposal owners before they can receive funding from the network. One of the most important criteria to determine the success of a project is the team behind the project. Too often projects are being voted in simply because the project has a...
  2. DeepBlue

    05 Decentralised Decision Making: The Dash Masternodes Association

    Part 05: Decentralised Decision Making: The Dash Masternodes Association This post is to discuss the setting up of the Dash Masternodes Association (DMA). The current problems this would address are: 1. Declining MNO contributions: The declining interest and participation of MN in...
  3. DeepBlue

    01 Decentralised Decision Making: Steps To A Better Solution

    The aim of this post is to formulate an improved Dash Decentralised decision-making process with the goal of improving the quality of making solid decisions whilst maintaining full decentralisation. Several problems with decentralised decision-making will be raised. Each problem may have its own...