1. wgollini

    DASH FOR EMPLOYEES-Dash Maracay-Venezuela

    GENERAL OBJECTIVE: Simplify the Dash acquisition process and increase the amount of Dash being circulated in the Venezuelan economy. PROBLEM: Since the creation of Dash Maracay, we have noticed that users perceive the registration, validation and exchange process in the Exchanges as a...
  2. wgollini

    Dash Maracay: Specialized Course for Merchants/Maracay-Venezuela

    Good day everyone .. we are pleased for the support received. Especially for the 350 Master Nodes that voted "Yes". Regardless of not receiving the funds, we will continue working to make Dash the most widely used Cryptocurrency in the Central Region of Venezuela Specialized Course for...
  3. wgollini

    Pre-Proposal: Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only (June) & Users Only (July) / Vene

    Hi everyone! In response to some observations we have received, we have decided to review some details of our proposal, which generated some changes in it. Dash Maracay 2nd and 3rd Conferences: Merchants Only(June) & Users Only (July) / Venezuela This proposal consists of making 2...