1. Dworf

    DashQt and Masternode address problem

    ok - the problem startet when I created the new address with "masternode genkey" and send the collateral to that address, Then the Tx was done and visible on the blockchain but up to now it does not show up in the Tx list of the Qt wallet. As next step I setup the masternode created the...
  2. Dworf

    Dash Core Version v0.12.1.4 virustotal warnings

    here is the result: https://virustotal.com/de/file/061aad5a8b26aa5aefd2ee521d504fda7ddfc7e8590222231f0c5780a5b7c9fd/analysis/ áfter checking the seven warnings they are most likely false warnings all together. But I think for a wallet which is critical the number of warnings is too high in...