1. Michelson Michel

    Support Dash Haiti by a One Vote

    Today we are very happy with a community that thinks about the Technology Blockchain in Haiti, especially the Cryptocurrency Dash, and I am extremely motivated for the development of Dash Haiti, and this project is amazing for the country and I beg you on your part to vote our project for the...
  2. Dash Swag

    WTS Dash Shirts

    If you are interested let me know! We have Men, Women and Youth Sizes from S to XXL. We have a whole series of shirts here: http://DashSwag.com We accept Dash as payments or any Crypto you might have. These will be made to order and shipped from our Amazon Warehouse! Let me know!
  3. Arcurus

    How to bring dash to the people – Dashnation V0.1

    Hi all, first of all thanks a lot to Amanda for her great videos and also thx a lot to Evan and all others that devoted their time and spare resources to help make dash what it is now. Amandas video interview with Evan about dash Evolution inspired me to write the following proposal: What is...
  4. TaoOfSatoshi

    Exodus Wallet Skin Contest - by Dash Nation and Exodus Wallet

    Dash Nation and Exodus Wallet team up to offer the Exodus Wallet Skin Contest: Any graphic designers in the community? http://www.dashnation.com/contest/ #DashNation #IoM