1. xkcd

    How to TOR

    This guide will explain how to run a full node (qt-wallet) over TOR and in the later part how to host a TOR hidden service with your dashd. We assume you are running a full node (qt-wallet) on windows, but Mac will be very similar. First head on over to clearnet URL https://www.torproject.org/...
  2. B

    Dashd block remains 0

    I installed Dash on Ubuntu 16.04 using the steps below but after a few hours block count remains 0. Where did I go wrong? sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dash.org/dash sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install dashd dash-qt mkdir .dash cd .dash vi dash.conf ############ dash.conf #################...
  3. tamias

    Out of memory: Kill process ... (dashd)

    Hi everyone! I launched Vultr server with 1GB of memory, 25GB SSD drive on Ubuntu 17.0. And started dash masternode (Dash Core: a month ago. During this time, two crashes occurred due to insufficient memory for the dashd During this time, the masternode stopped twice because of a lack...
  4. M

    Dashd as Windows service (NSSM)

    I'm attempting to run Dashd as a Windows service using NSSM. I'm happy to consider an alternative service wrapper if the issue resides with NSSM, but I've chosen it due to it's comprehensive features and use it for wrapping other services. The issue I'm experiencing is that the blockchain isn't...
  5. R

    Dashd: number of peers for mining in p2pool?

    Hello! I have set up a p2pool node to mine DASH. Of course I have dashd running on the node. If my node will find a block in the same time with any other mining pool, will the number of peers connected to my dashd matter in competition with other miners in such situations? I think yes. If more...
  6. T

    use dash core

    How i can use command line for PrivateSend? I have { "balance": X.00000000, "privatesend_balance": 0.00000000, }
  7. JZA

    Python snippet to interface with dashd

    Hi anyone can share a python script to connect and interact with dashd through RPC? I know dashd has a REST and other ways to interface, but would be good to learn just the most standard method. Stackoverflow list different libraries to better use RPC, but seemed a bit of an overkill since...
  8. Defacto

    Dash-QT on Mac crash

    Today crash... v12.0.58 :-( Process: Dash-Qt [99911] Path: /Applications/Dash-Qt.app/Contents/MacOS/Dash-Qt Identifier: io.dashpay.Dash-Qt Version: 0.12.0 (0.12.0) Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1]...